Monday, October 31, 2011

~Entry Bundle :P~

hi & asssalamualaikum..

lamanya aku x update blog. who caressss??? haha. whateva. lately i've been just busy with my dull, damn boring, irritating life. busy with the nonstop asignments..the test. & now will be busy doing my theses. in which the final progress presentation will be on this coming 12/11. haihhh. cuaakkk. coz there's still a lot of things i need to settle. (-__-) poyo buat muka sedih! haha. nway, i hope i can manage to go through it all with success. pray for me ya?? :)

so, i dont have any interesting stories to tell ya guys. FYI, i just formatted my lappy & the bluetooth device was gone. so it's a bit difficult for me to upload my new photos in FB or blog.damn! for that reason, i tpaksa pinjam laptop org lain smbil buat muka kesian utk transfer gambar.. :P

below are several activities that i've been doing check it out peeps!

that's me with free flowers. x grad lagi da ada org bagi.hehe. rezeki yg x disngka dr kedai sebelah time jg kedai konvo aritu. :D

then, meeting old friends.da things that i love to do. everyone's grown up.heeee. :)

ari tu masa ada Big Bad Wolf sempat la pegi. all these books are only rm50. mcm2 jenis buku ada. i heard akan ada lg event ni kat South City Plaza. x sabar nk pegi borong lg. :)

buku ni best! da abes baca. wink! :)

heee. i bought miley cyrus's book. few friends of mine told me that i look like her.oh, really?haha. mood perasan x abes2. :P

on 15th october sempat la attend my friend's convocation. wif amy darling. :)

wif mr.ben's flower that i gave to him. sori. there's no pic of me wif him as dat pic is still wif his friend, hafiz firdaus aka photographer of the day.

will update later k.. with <3. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

~Stress (@_@)~

hi & assalamualaikum..

lately aku kerap marah-marah.. aku rasa la.. xtau nape.. adekah sbb pertambahan berat badan membuatkn aku jadi cepat marah begini?? @ is it bcoz PMS syndrome??? atau bcoz aku stress di tempat keje, study, doing assignments, & test on this saturday?? aku rasa mcm aku ni jahat sgt..rasa mcm zalim kpd diri sendiri & semua org... aku rasa diabaikan & x disayangi... i hate being like diz..huuuuuuu.. :(

please pray that i'll be okay... :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

~ Review product Bio Essence :)~

hi & assalamualaikum..

haihhh.. it's been quite sometimes for me not updating my blog..just too much busy wif the class, assignments & my FYP.. dear Allah S.WT.. i wanna grad next year...i hope this is going to be my final sem to finish my master degree.. please ease my way ya Allah... Aminnnnnn... (^_^)

so nothing interesting happened yet in my life so far.. today's post i just wanna share with all of u especially the girls out there about one product that i've been using recently.. baru 3 hari guna, so xtau la how was it going..x nmpk lg effect yg ketara...hehe

now let me introduce to you.....

tadaaaa... Bio-essence Bird's Nest..

why did i choose this product???

1. cheap... i bought it for only RM59.90 at Watson JJ Cheras Selatan..masa ni last day sales.. without sale, the price is RM62.90..kalo beli satu satu lg mahal..cleanser aja da rm23.90..whitening advancer plak sgt jimat kan?? :)

2. it consists of 2 products.. Nutri-collagen & Whitening Cleanser (100g) and Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Advancer (100g).. i'm the person who is very lazy nak pakai banyak2 produk... moisturizer la..cream la.. toner la...aku sgt malas okayyy..., by using only 2 product (actually ada 2 lg produk yg aku x beli which are the essence & cream coz both of them quite expensive...huhu), amat mudah bg aku yg pemalas yg amat nih..haha..juz pakai cleanser & whitening advancer lepas cuci muka.. then done! :)

3. whitening advancer ni have multi-functions which are:

-more than a toner

-refines pores (yeahhhhh!! inilah tujuan utama aku beli produk ni..huhu..pores aku besar yg amat okayyyy!! ini adalah akibat pakai scrub muka hari2 kerana kekurangan bajet nk beli cleanser... muahahaha :P)

-nourishes & moisturizes skin

- rapid penetration of subsequent skincare products..

4. Function Whitening Cleanser:

-deeply cleanses and remove impurities

-skin feels refreshed after use

-keeps the skin moist and soft

5. Function Whitening Advancer:

-promotes absorption of subsequent skincare products

- nourishes and hydrates skin

-reduces dull skin tone

-prevents fine line

so jom sama sama kita lihat ape hasilnya nanti..

from thisss......

uuuihhhh... besarnya lobang...kahkahkah! sila la berkesan ye produk... i want a smooth & flawless skin.. hehe :P

to this...

flawless & glow without wearing any makeup or foundation mcm time sy pakai tia amelia dulu... (^___*)

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