Wednesday, May 18, 2016

~Sudah Ku Tahu~

Hi & Assalamualaikum..

Seringkali aku menduga
seringkali ini terjadi
segala rahsia sudah ku tahu
rupanya aku tak dicintai

Untuk apa kau buat ku begini
segala apa yang telah ku lakukan
Airmataku mengalir dipipi
segala yang ku korbankan tuk dirimu

Mengapa masih lagiku
bediriku menunggu cintamu
mengapa masih adamu
menyakiti di siang malamku
aku terima cintaku dipersiakan wooo !!!

Sayang !! 
aku kau lupa
aku kau luka
tanpa kau sedar
Sayang !!
selamat tinggal
akukan pergi
buat selamanya
Aku pasti kau bahagia tanpaku SELAMANYA ...

p/s: A short song but the lyrics is so meaningful & deep.. The end..

Monday, May 18, 2015


Hi & Assalamualaikum..

Lama tak mencoret di sini.. rindu.. actually i have so many thoughts that i would love to write down here, but in the end, i just keep it to myself.. hehe

i found out few quotes in FB.. 

A year passed by, and never thought that i will settle down with the right person.. all this while, i always asked myself.. what is happiness? what did i want from a partner? what is love? what is true love? i guess all those quotes above can clearly define the meaning of love that i've been looking for entire of my life..and i'm grateful that i didn't settle for less.. i had so much bless in my life right now.. what else should i asked for.. Thank you Allah SWT.. indeed, for all those suffering & pains i've been through, you rewarded me with more blessings & unexpected things..  Alhamdulilllah.. :')

p/s: Mohd Khairul Hafiz bin Muda.. I love you.. in the name of Allah SWT The Almighty, i wished to live longer and explore a lot more things in this life with you.. there's so much things that i want to do with you.. share with you.. i want to travel this world with you.. i want to have cute babies with you.. i want to build a home called heaven on earth with you..starting from zero but in the end, we had accomplished everything that we want in this life..  I want to embrace Islam in our daily life more with you.. none of us are perfect but i hope that we can be perfect for each other.. and i want to see you again hereafter.. and be the most beautiful angel in heaven for you..  insyaAllah.. :')

Thursday, April 23, 2015

~ A Sweet Escape with Le BFF-Grand Lexis Port Dickson~

Hi & Assalamualaikum...

Lama tak update aktiviti diri ini..saje nak low profile buat sementara..gitew.. haha.. kat Blog memang jarang sekali.. FB jarang-jarang juga..  pernah je seminggu tak update.. a record for me..wohooo.. Instagram la most frequent because i love to share pics with people..  

well, just want to share my current event in my life.. which i consider one of the most sweetest memories in my life.. it's like a small gathering for all of my BFF.. remember my update earlier this year regarding my BFF? yeah.. only 4 of us left- The Amanita Verosa group.. we had lost 2 of our bestfriends, in 2009 and 2014.. Al-Fatihah to Nurul Diyana Roslan & Izzatul Huda Abd Ghaffar.. so, basically, this is our first sleepover gathering since graduated in 2010.. previously, i did planned to go vacation with all these girls before getting married.. but it only happened after that.. still, it's like a dream come true.. because it's not easy to gather all 4 of us together.. so this vacation was actually planned instantaneously after just chatting in our whatsapp group.. we actually wanted to celebrate faz's upcoming wedding as she's the last person in our group who'll got married.. so it's actually a bachelorette party for DJ & zati's birthday is upcoming too.. and it's been a long time we haven't updated with each other's despite our busy schedule & everyone need to take a break, so we've decided that 11 April 2015 was the perfect date for our sweet getaway..and of course, asking permissions from le husbands first.. isteri yang baik kena la minta restu..walau kena sweet husband berat hati nak let me go.. because this is the first time he was left alone since our marriage.. selama ni wife dia je yang kena husband was jealous sbb bilik ada pool..hahahaha..  so here we go.. 

As been discussed, we gathered at my place in Kajang first.. and i'll drove to Port Dickson.. this is actually our first time going to PD except for Zati.. she's been there before.. DJ, Faz & me haven't reached there we booked a 5 star Hotel which is Grand Lexis Port Dickson..DJ showed up late so we started our journey at around 12 PM.. the journey takes about 1 & half hour.. i just drove at average speed.. we chit chat non-stop in the car..sampai tak sedar tak pasang radio or music pun throughout the journey..haha! nampak sgt gegirls banyak cakap kan.. :P

we reached Port Dickson around 2 pm.. so we explored a bit the place.. pergi pantai ape ntah..lupa nama..haha.. planning cari beach yang ada restaurants for lunch & jalan2.. coz we planned after check in we'll stay in the room only..yela.. check-in pukul 4.. check-out pukul 12..with the rate of RM770 per night of course kena gunakan masa di bilik sepenuhnya.. hehe.. and we already brought homemade dinner& breakfast for tomorrow lagi tau.. sebab memang tak nak sampai kat one place ni, kitorang lunch nasi ayam & coconut shake.. since its weekend of course agak crowded with people.. so after lunch pergi kedai souvenir.. beli awal-awal sebab esoknya nak balik terus kan..hehe.. after that nak lepak under tree kononnya.. tapi tempat yang kami datang tu just for water kena cari next port laa...on the way to hotel, jumpa 1 spot yang boleh lepak-lepak & take pictures.. lama x bergambar macam gini mix from everyone's gadget..haha

Jumpa tempat ni..sesuai nak lepak sambil tunggu check-in pukul 4pm.. 

lama tak sawan kamera macam ni..hahaha :P 

 Cik Faz & DJ.. kemain posing naaa..haha

 DJ & me.. :D

 DJ & zati.. 

 Me & zati.. ayu sangat pakai skirt kan..sambil tekibar-kibar skirt ditiup angin..haha..yang penting iolls punya shawl tu..selalu kena pegang sbb asyik kembang je ditiup angin..hahaha

Cik Faz & zati.. candid & peace... 

 muaahhh ciked kat bride-to-be..haha :P

underneath pokok kelapa i will wait for you.. lols..

after taking those pictures above, we chit chat a lot about our life.. around 3.15 pm macam tu, terus gerak ke grand lexis port dickson.. first-first salah masuk kat lexis port dickson..sbb dua2 sebelah menyebelah je..hehe..duk pusing2 baru nampak grand lexis kat sebelah je..terus drive ke area lobby..then drop DJ  & Faz untuk settlekan check-in coz at that time memang parking penuh & packed gila dengan orang..just imagine, da pusing area garden for parking but full.. then naik parking indoor sampai tingkat 5..pusing2 ada la dalam 10x still xde parking..give up then turun balik..sempat la round 5x lagi kat bawah sampai la guard buka new parking area.. so settled.. after that zati & me pergi lobby, naik buggy with faz & DJ sampai kat kereta  utk ambil barang..first time naik buggy..macam kelakar pon ada..penuh buggy dgn barang kitorg..hahahaha

Masuk je bilik, terus letak barang, & then tangkap pic banyak2..semua excited gila & mcm jakun u alls...haha.. duk whatsapp gambar bilik hantar kat husband & family masing2..husband & family geletik nak datang jugak..haha.. kesian.. here's the pic of our Garden Pool Villa.. which have an indoor pool.. i'm the one yang made booking since others quite busy.. book on behalf of DJ as we used her cc.. the total fees was around RM770.. i booked via trivago..and this rate was the cheapest.. tips for travelers or if you plan to go on vacation, do use trivago.. hehe.. awal-awal masa booking dah mention nak lower unit Garden Pool Villa.. sebab tertutup..kalau upper unit the pool is exposed... feeling2 nak free hair & cekci mekci la kononnya..  hahaha.. bilik ni kalau nak datang for bachelorette party, birthday, honeymoon & anniversary  pon sesuai.. auuummmmm :P

nampak tak lepas campak bag ja kami duk pulun ambik gambar..hahahaha

ini katilnya...for this room, we had 2 king size bed.. malam tu mmg lena tido sbb katil sangat empuk.. haha

Then, dalam bilik juga ada mini kitchen..siap ada heater, microwave, pinggan mangkuk cawan & of course tea bag etc.. pencuci pinggan mangkuk pun no worries.. barang-barang makanan yang kami bawa mmg letak sini jela.. quite spacious & lapang.. 

Then, bila jalan ke belakang lagi from kitchen akan jumpa ruang ni.. pintu tu toilet..sebelah dia shower room.. cermin besar bahagian luar utk cuci muka & berus gigi..siap ada hair dyer.. 

pic from other angle.. paling best dia punya toiletries macam-macam ada.. hehe.. shaver, conditioner, pengilat kuku, toothbrush & etc.. 

this is shower room.. 

And of course the main attraction that we've decided to come here was the pool.. before we decide which room that should we choose, me, as the mastermind had done some research via google..hehe.. orang lain bz kerja, so student la kena buli..hahaha.. so i've read few blogs & they said this garden pool villa has the largest pool... sky pool villa has the smallest pool.. rasanya kalau yang grand pool villa or yang above the sea maybe pool dia sama large dengan garden pool villa.. cuma siapa yang choose above the sea tu kena walk a lot sebab jauh.. buggy ada but limited.. waste your time to wait actually..especially during peak hours.. so garden pool villa is recommended..but of course if you wish to enjoy the beauty of the sea, the breathtaking view, better you choose room yang above the sea.. kedalaman pool adalah 4 kaki.. lebih kurang paras dada orang yang berketinggian 157cm..for the pool, diorang ada provide 2 large pelampung sekali.. so no worries la kalau korang tak reti berenang macam kami ni..still boleh enjoy.. hahahaha

sebenarnya ni gambar masa nak balik da.. tapi saja nak tunjuk how the pool was connected to kitchen & kalau korang nak feeling-feeling makan sambil swimming pun boleh.. haha.. tempat yang i olls duduk tu actually window/door to kitchen.. belakang tu toilet & shower room.. so kalau lepas berenang x perlu basahkan je ke toilet/shower room...

Then, after ambil gambar dalam bilik, ambil gambar tuan bilik pula.. :P

Abaikan pipi yang semakin mengembang itu..effect siapa yang pegang kamera & duduk depan sekali, maka muka dia paling kembang...sekian.. hahahaha

Lepas selfie kemain, kitorang salin baju, sembahyang & then terus terjun kolam.. kemain excited sorang-sorang.. macam2 gaya berenang ada.. berenang gaya itik..gaya katak.. butterfly semua ada..faz sorg je yg btul2 pandai berenang.. yang lain acah-acah berenang jinjit kaki je..muka takut nak selam.. hahahaha..but we do have fun..sambil berenang sambil borak..nak dekat 2 jam gak la kan berendam..pastu baru naik..mandi.. dah berenang, mesti la rasa lapar kan.. nak tunggu dinner lambat lagi so kitorang makan baked potato zati buat dulu.. yummy!!

sebagai tok guru, i olls rasa bangga dengan anak didik.. dah berjaya cuba resepi..pasni boleh  start jual dah..hehe

lepas tu, kitorang tunggu maghrib..sembahyang.. baca yassin ramai2.. dah lama tak buat macam ni.. then, it's dinner time...faz, dj & zati semua tak sabar nak rasa my nutella victoria sandwich cake.. one of my favourite cake..simple & easy to make.. resepi google aje.. ;)

Both cake & pasta made by yours truly.. tomato pasta with parsley & basil leaves.. ada microwave so boleh hangatkan makanan & makan panas-panas.. currently i've been in love with basil leaves so much.. sedap makan dengan pasta.. even in most western dishes memang guna basil.. i olls ajar the girls makan raw & fresh macam tu..husband tak suka sangat basil..alhamdulillah the girls love it.. but actually i'm not really satisfied with the pasta.. pagi tu tengah masak baru sedar ayam takde..barang x complete..hahaha.. terlupa nak beli..suruh husband cari area rumah but since still early morning kedai tak banyak buka..end up guna sosej je.. 

so lepas makan, rehat jap.. mula-mula ingat tak nak la berendam dalam kolam da kan sbb malam & sejuk..but then terjebak dengan faz yang beria ajak mandi..haha..end up berendam lagi nak dekat 2 jam.. siap pasang vanilla candles yang dj bawak.. atur tepi pool..memang feeling2 romantik & aromatherapy sangat.. we do have fun that night..after bath, terus tido di katil yang empuk..lena sampai pagi.. hehe..The next morning, bangun sembahyang subuh.. then, breakfast.. before morning walk around the hotel.. 

what a grand breakfast right? pasta & cake ada boleh makan for breakfast.. additional scones made by DJ and sandwich.. scones DJ sedap sangat2.. :D

after breakfast, we took morning walk around the hotel.. it was a beautiful hotel indeed.. 

our beloved room.. hehe

Cik Faz model bilik hotel..haha

me yang x berapa nak model sangat..haha 

us selfie.. muka fresh bangun pagi.. tak mandi lagi sebab nak mandi dalam pool..hahaha

 The nice view around the hotel.. we do walk around a lot & even visit the room situated above the sea.. good job zati for taking these pics..hehe

 us camwhoring & selfies.. tak sia-sia bawak monopod & kamera..hahaha
buddies forever.. ;)

 Cik Faz tengah amek feel angin laut ni.. hehe

 me.. cik faz did a great job by taking these it.. nampak macam model kan...haha.. :P

 Cik DJ vogue the vass...

 sempat lagi selfie dekat fish eye..

Jom tengok video gediks we olls..haha.. 

The view of the ocean is very breathtaking.. next time nak try sea view pula.. mesti cantikkan..kena start menabung dari sekarang.. hehe

After morning walk, kemas barang siap-siap sebab nanti nak spend lama-lama dalam pool..hehe.. berenang sambil makan puas-puas.. 2 jam jugak la.. after that, siap-siap & check out..sebelum check-out, bergambar dulu..hehe

our last pics indoor..

our last pics together outdoor before check-out.. mata sepet belaka sbb tahan silau cahaya matahari..haha..penat tunggu buggy sampai..last2 tak kunjung tiba.. peak hours sebab ramai check out..end up jalan kaki ke kereta.. fortunately, not so far from parking area.. 

Last but not least.. selfie seround sebelum pulang..haha :P

surely will come again  to Grand Lexis PD.. currently they are launching the Lexis Hibiscus PD which was built on the sea.. quite attractive & awesome too.. will come again in future with husband & was a very nice trip & we gain a lot of memories there.. now i've been missing the moment with the girls.. you know what, it's hard to find a best friend like them..throughout my life journey, i've came across many people... but most of them is not sincere.. fake.. love to pretend..backbiting you...two faces.. not a genuine one.. but this 3 people, zati, faz & DJ, certainly i can count on them..we had same interest..same habits -like taking pictures, laughing so hard, eat, being gedik2 & etc.. i never found a friend like them after we had graduated..orang kata memang sekepala..perangai memang xde nak control2 or bajet2.. haha.. we love being our true self.. I've known Dj & Faz since matriculation in 2006.. so it's been 9 years we've been known each other.. zati too..but we started to be close since 2007... so it's 8 years.. we've been through a lot of things & down..losing 2 BFF..laugh & cry together.. & everything.. we had a lot of sad & happy memories too.. i want all of you to know that, no matter what happened, i'll be there for you.. ups & downs together.. no matter how many obstacles that we had to face.. no matter how hard Allah SWT tested all of you.. remember that you're not alone.. i'll always be there by your side..i'll always be here to listen.. insyaAllah, kita kawan sampai syurga.. ameen :')

till then, bye-bye..take care people.. (^_^)V

 p/s: since i'm quite busy right now, it took me about almost 2 weeks to finish this entry..haha..:P

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