Monday, May 18, 2015


Hi & Assalamualaikum..

Lama tak mencoret di sini.. rindu.. actually i have so many thoughts that i would love to write down here, but in the end, i just keep it to myself.. hehe

i found out few quotes in FB.. 

A year passed by, and never thought that i will settle down with the right person.. all this while, i always asked myself.. what is happiness? what did i want from a partner? what is love? what is true love? i guess all those quotes above can clearly define the meaning of love that i've been looking for entire of my life..and i'm grateful that i didn't settle for less.. i had so much bless in my life right now.. what else should i asked for.. Thank you Allah SWT.. indeed, for all those suffering & pains i've been through, you rewarded me with more blessings & unexpected things..  Alhamdulilllah.. :')

p/s: Mohd Khairul Hafiz bin Muda.. I love you.. in the name of Allah SWT The Almighty, i wished to live longer and explore a lot more things in this life with you.. there's so much things that i want to do with you.. share with you.. i want to travel this world with you.. i want to have cute babies with you.. i want to build a home called heaven on earth with you..starting from zero but in the end, we had accomplished everything that we want in this life..  I want to embrace Islam in our daily life more with you.. none of us are perfect but i hope that we can be perfect for each other.. and i want to see you again hereafter.. and be the most beautiful angel in heaven for you..  insyaAllah.. :')

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