Saturday, February 19, 2011

~life like hell.. (@_@)~

hi..assalamualaikum u alls..

huh...seriously penat+fed up+ pening & sgale la..diz 2 week mmg bz giler..rase life mcm hell je..everything yg kite wat mesti x kena..hukhuk.. pape pun, i'm trying to adapt this pressure life situation..byk sgt bnda kena week ade test solid & toxic waste..ade take home test EIA techniques.. nk settle medical checkup+borang sgale utk scholarship myBrain15 tue... & diz week also kena anta poposal kt timbalan dekan.. juz got 1 week to renovate everything..& i'm really blurr + don't have any idea regarding da proposal.. proposal oh proposal.. (T_T).. nk nanges jek rase..hu3.. hopefully, sy tabah utk m'hadapi sgalenya.. 1 step at a time.. yup.. step by step.. & i'll to the sky.. reaching the moon + stars..(kata2 smangat utk diri sendirik..huhu..).. take care u olls.. (^_*)

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