Sunday, April 17, 2011

hey ya!!


wah!! it's been a long time i'm not looking at my blog & update everything.. sori..i've few reasons why i've been so quiet lately.. :(

1. broadband/kemudahan internet so hard to reach.. i think after i'm getting my MyBrain15 refund i'll get one..actually really need one.. huuuu... :P

2. so busy doing the assignments & all da stuffs coz final exam is just around da corner..yup.. juz round da corner bebeh! i'll be sitting on the exam on 31/4, 1/5, 7/5 & 8/5..and after da exam follow up by final proposal presentation for my master degree which i'm not sure enough yet what i'm supposed to do..ha ha ha.. oh god.. critical time i have rite?? my life quite miserable rite now.. but i'm going to fix it as soon as possible..just pray for me & wish me luck k guys?? heeee..thnx a lot.. :)

3.i'm sick of thinking da job..whether i need to seek for a new one.. or stay at the current job i have till i finished my study.. yup.. i'm seeking a new job coz i really need money.. which can help me much to fulfill my dream...what dream????errmmm.. let that one be the secret first.. i'll tell u all later on ok..heheh.. :D

4. time.. which is so precious for me rite now..huhu.. please give me more than 24 hours a day??haiyakk.. of coz can't..haha..

ok.. don't want to talk more.. juz want to share some of the happiest moment which i enjoyed although i've a very tough & quite miserable life rite now.. hehe..check it out!!

miss hani accompany mr ben for his aerospace dinner on 1 April 2011..

we all which are obviously bajet cumellsss..haha

us..i know it so kind of gediksss..but still.. i love dis pic.. :)
p/s: dis is just a cam trick.. don't be fooled.. got what i mean?? :P

hurmm.. how short he is.. or how tall i am??haha
well, if i'm wearing heels, we're juz about the same height..yeay!! :P

that's all for now people.. love to share everything i felt, experienced, news & others with you next ya.. :)

p/s: thanx a bunch to Mr. Hafiz Firdaus aka JIWANG who r willingly (errkk.. are u??haha) to take our pictures using DSLR cam.. haiyakkk.. i really need that one too.. :D


cahayasuci said...

u hav to own a good job to afford the 'langkah bendul' thing ya sis...hahha...need a bulk of gold for my wedding later on!!!!....daa

MrS hOnEyBeN said...

haha.. iknow2.. so demanding..the price of da gold is too high bout i sponsor ur engagement instead of giving da gold??haha

if i didn't own da good job yet, mr ben will.. :P

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