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~ what i've been through for the past 22 years & my birthday wishlist.. (n_n)~

hi & assalamualaikum..

mesti teruja tgk title entry kannn??teruja x??hihi.. finee.. korg x rasa pape pon..
well it's not about ur life's mine..

sedar x sedar, cepat betul masa berlalu.. today da 27/11/2011.. esok da 28/11/2011.. i'll be 22 years old peeps..

WHATTT??? 22??

Oh My God.. masih muda lagi..tehehehee.. x mcm many of my friends yang da turn 23 & 24 this year..muehehe..jgn marah.. kalo marah cepat tua okayy (ayat membunuh! :P)..

okay, since i'm going to be 22 years old this year & just around the corner, i wanna talk a bit about myself, what i've been going through & what i had achieved for the past 22 years.. umur itu melambangkan pengalaman bukan? heee.. & please remembered that the story below is wasn't about to boost myself or whatsoeva.. it was just my real experience that i've gone through in order to have what i have today.. my thoughts.. & how i faced the journey called life..
so, let's the story begin... (^_^)

comel x??comel x??ohh..don't get wrong..the baby wasn't me..haha.. i dont have any pic when i was a baby.. so sad huh?

i was born on 28 November hospital besar Kuala Terengganu..
around 11 pm maybe..can't remember.. need to check my birth certificate later..haha
i was the second child in my family.. my elder sister just a year older than me.. we both grew up a twins.. my abah & mama always bought the same cloth & things but different color for us.. cool isn'it? :)

during mak cik nah's wedding..with maksu & along.. which one is me?? hehe.. find the most cutest.. bhahaha

i grew up to be a good kid.. but a little bit naughty..hihi..since my abah really fierce like lion, i can't be too naughty..hee.. masa kecik2 dulu, i'm anak abah..sampai la my youngest sister kuar..abah slalu manjakan skrg da besar & tua pon i'm still anak abah.. :)

i was sent to Taska Permata Keluarga since i was 5.. at the age of 6, i was sent to Tadika Kemas.. tapi selalu ponteng xnk gi tadika & nak duk kat taska ajee..kecik2 da pndai bila besar x pndai pulak.. hahaha.. at the age of 6, i still can't read..inilah akibat selalu memonteng ye tuan-tuan & puan-puan..

In 1996, at the age of 7, i still can't read.. darjah 1 i was in the last class of SK Bukit Payong.. 1 Aked..still remember..yeahhh..haha.. at dat time, boys rule the class.. masa penggal 1, yg dpt no.1 pon boy.. i got number 4 even x pandai membaca pon..i answered the exam pakai instinct kott..hahaha..but later, since the teachers always puji puji dat boys, tetiba i've courage to beat them.. at last, masa penggal 2, i managed to get on stage sbb dapat no.1.. & at dat time, i can read already! yippie.. :)

p/s: belajar membaca sampai menangis-nangis sbb abah rotan.. kau hadooo??haha

at the age of 8 in 1997, i was in the 1st class.. but can't remember much..i still managed to get on the stage that the age of 9 in year 1998, i moved to a new school for temporary.. since everyone in my home semua sekolah pagi, then my mama send me to SK Padang i met new friends.. weeee.. mostly are handsome boys..hahaha..kecik kecik da menggatai..heee.. at this age, this is the first time i involved in choir in my life.. since then, music and me cannot be separated.. this year i managed to pass PTS (the exam untuk langkau kelas from year 3 to year 5) with my friends jijah aka Wan Mahfuzah.. we both learned at the same matriks & university during degree.. :)

In 1999, at the age of 10, i was in the class of 5 Usaha, the second class as the first class had already full.. i'm back to my old school SK Bukit Payong.. since i managed to go through PTS, it's mean that all my classmates were a year older than me & of coz i'm in the same year with my sister..tehehehee.. starting this year, my life changed a lot.. everyone older than me.. & the people of my same age call me akak..hahaha.. weirdo..but i don't bother at every big exam, me & my sis sits them together..& of coz both of our abah & mama stressed a lot.. haha :) in 2000, at the age of 11, me & my sis sit UPSR together.. & both of us get 5A.. our parent was the most happiest in the world.. at dat time, cikgu x tampal lg result UPSR kat board.. since my abah was a a headmaster in Terengganu, he knew earlier & my mom promise us to brought cakes to school if both of us dpt 5A.. & she came first with the cake before kitorg tau the result..teheheee.. that was one of the happiest day in my life.. (^_^)

so, what did i achieved thoughout my life in primary school? i managed to know how to play netball & fall in love with the sport instantly.. i involved in choir, nasyid and mcm mcm persembahan for school.. i realized that i have a gift in painting & i love seni lukisan coz i did managed to win some of the colours and posters competition.. & every kelas seni i performed well.. i hold the position of prefect for 2 years.. in year 6, i hold the position of treasurer for prefect's board.. i managed to get 5A in UPSR.. & i managed to get good numbers during whole my life in primary school.. the worst number i get was 11.. and most of them i managed to get number 1 in class..& i'm happy with that record.. bcoz i did aimed that i don't want the worse number for my grade.. i do some effort towards it..& this is what i get..thanks to Allah.. :)

next, what happened in my secondary school?? in year 2001.. i was in form 1.. i didn't get any offer from boarding school..both SBP and MARA.. i was very disappointed at that time & that was a really tough time for me.. my sis managed to get an offer and she went to SM Sains Dungun.. me?? just schooling at an ordinary school namely SMK Bukit Sawa..the school where my mom do her teaching..i was called as 'anak cikgu' and people are afraid to be my friends..haha.. why?? coz my mom was a disciplinary teacher who hold the board of prefects... & i hold the position of prefect till form 3.. do u think that i'm 'anak cikgu' & i've got everythings?? let me told u.. being anak cikgu was not so cool as u thought.. everything u do in the class, ur exam grade, ur behavior, everything will be reported to ur mom.. so do u like it peepss??? think bout it.. haha.. :P

in fact, do u know that there was difference class between boarding school and ordinary school?? yeahh.. let me told u.. people who went to boarding school was assumed to be cleverer than the people who went to a daily school.. & people who came from a daily school akan dipandang rendah oleh people yg pegi boarding school..agree?? this is da fact.. this is the ugly truth.. but i changed all the bitter moments to the sweetest one.. with many people who supported me, i went to achieved my dreams.. for ur info, i took Arabic language since form 1 till form 3.. there were many ups & downs.. but i still managed to get good numbers which is 3 and below.. from form 1 to form 3, there's many thing i had achieved.. i did won the fourth place for posters competition.. i involved in netball team when i was in form 2.. i also joined choir team who went to state level.. i also performed in arabic public speaking, which i think the worst in my life..hahaha.. at dat moment, i still have low self-confidence u know..i also hold the position of naib pengerusi prefect for evening session.. in form 3, i hold the position of pengerusi pandu puteri.. yeahhh..there was a lot sweet memories to be remembered..having such cool friends.. oh.. love them.. :)...and during PMR, i managed to get 9A's.. that was the result that i wanna to prove everybody that eventhough u just studied in daily or ordinary school, u still can succeed..just ignore the people who let u down.. ignore what they said about ur hard.. & go straight to achieve ur dreams.. i did told this story in previous entry bout my life.. so dont wanna talk more.. :)

In year 2004, i was in form 4.. i got an offer from SMS Seri Puteri in KL..i did went schooling there for a year..& later i realized that i can't go with the environment.. i can't study well.. my grade was very very bad.. i failed several subjects.. & i lost my hope.. i have bad result for my entire life where i managed to get 200+ number out of 200 something i guess.. which put me in the last class 8th out of 8 class.. i can't accept this u know.. i always managed to get good numbers.. numbers really important for me.. yes.. very importante! it make me pressure and feel like i was the most dumb person in that school.. i have the worst life there..seriously.. this is a true story.. & later in early 2005, when everybody started to go to school, i refuse to go.. i protested my parents..i said i don't want to go to that school.. at dat time i was so stubborn & my parents at last give up.. i know they had sacrificed a lot for me.. but i think if i went to the school again, i won't get good result for my SPM.. yes.. i worried about my SPM.. my future.. i have a very bad life afterwards.. being ignored.. being compared.. but all da things that happened to me i take it as my motivation to do more well & to prove them all that i make the right decision.. & i wont regret to left the school.. i faced so many hardships during form 5.. but i managed to get through it all.. i did realize later that i was good in history, english, & biology subject..once, my biology teacher said that i should take law coz she know i can go further..i was so bad in math.. math really not my type..haha.. i never passed the add math u know.. the greatest mark i've ever get is just 25.. yeahh.. not just that, i only managed to get grade D for my chemistry and Physics.. my chemistry mark yang the best ever pon dpt 47 jer..haha.. i'm dumb at these subjects..tehehee..i admit it.. but i'm good in memorizing..i know that was my gift.. and what did i achieved in form 4 & form 5? in form 4, i involved in choir for KL level..that was the best choir competition which i joined during school.. in form 5, i hold the position of naib pengerusi prefect board.. pengerusi kelab kerjaya.. naib pengerusi renjer puteri..i won english public speaking school level.. i went to district level but i was stuck due to worst impromptu speech..haha.. i cant think on the spot u know.. i need to remember everything.. :P.. & i managed to get 8 A's out of 11 subjects in my SPM.. i got 5A1, 3A2, 1B3, 1B4 & 1C5.. semua ada..hehehe.. i got 5A1 for english, math mod, bm, sejarah & PI.. 3A2 for EST, Pendidikan Seni & what a shock chemistry lol! haha.. i think it was a miracle for me.. coz in da exam i managed to remember Madam Foo, my chemistry teacher ajar how to answer those proton electron questions.. thanks to her.. i got B3 for my biology, B4 for my physics and C5 for my add math..well, this is all i can get and i thank Allah for everything.. it worth my effort eventhough i don't get straight A's.. i'm happy & contented enough with what i get.. :)

next, matriculation life at the age of 17.. there's a lot of things that change my life happened in matrix in 2006-2007..i really don't like my matrix life coz i failed to get flying colours result in which i get CGPA below 3.0.. suckss rite??haha.. maybe at that moment byk main & tgh bz bercintan cintun.. so, dapat la mcm, nothing much i achieved..just managed to play volleyball and tennis..the sport that i never involved with..huhu

after matrix, i went to study in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.. i'm taking bachelor of science (biological sciences) for 3, there's a lot of sweet & sour memories to be remembered.. i managed to get friends with many people..really enjoyed 3 years of my life in UMT..dapat kenal member choir..member main volleyball yg havoc.. & so on laa.. rindu masa dulu-dulu.. :).. but there's one sad memories there which is i lost my BFF in 2009.. arwah Nurul Diyana binti Roslan which had an impact in my life later.. let me tell u how her death affected my life..

i'm just an ordinary in an ordinary condition.. i didn't came from rich family.. but i really enjoyed & happy with my life & my friends around.. the 1st semester my CGPA pon just ordinary.. i got 3.26.. 2nd sem i got 3.28.. belajar at dat time pon just xnak fail je & maintain cgpa mesti lepas 3.0.. but 3rd sem i try to improve myself sbb time 2nd sem my friend semua dpt tggi2.. 3rd sem i managed to get 3.46.. so close to dean list rite? quite disappointed but redha jela.. pastu time exam masa 4th sem, i did fought wif my bf.. u know how it impact me?? i got 3.18 for that sem..the worst CGPA ever i get during my study in bachelor degree..masa before dpt tau result tu, my BFF died suddenly.. bayangkan kami selalu jumpa hari hari sbb tempat latihan industri sama..just seen her yesterday & today she was gone.. rasa mcm mimpi je.. masa tu down daa.. i never had a bestfren like her..really did.. i did tell about her much in my previous entry.. so i'm not going to mention much here..pastu dpt tau pulak result mcm tu.. mmg lg down laa.. even cosmate yg lain semua dpt tinggi2.. just imagine i have better carry marks than them and i can't do well during final exam..& at last they got better than agak sad & really down at that time.. that's why after that, i've been thinking a lot.. suddenly i get a strength & courage that i wanna do better for myself & her, & proved to the people who look down on me, that i'm better than 5th sem, i managed to get CGPA 3.92.. now u see how her death impact my life? dat's was the happiest moment for me.. sbb dpt naik pentas with our 4BFF yang lain on stage.. semua dpt dean list.. seolah olah all of us had realized her dream.. see the piccas below.. :)

happy faces of me during dean's list ceremony in March 2010.. :)

with Jocelyn.. she got 3.94 or 3.96 if i'm not mistaken.. :)

bio students who got dean list.. :)

the 5 of us..if she was here, then it'll be da 6 of us who got dean's list.. :)

Bestfirend 4 Ever.. we're camwhore..haha

so what did i achieved during my bachelor degree?? i managed to get involved in netball.. banyak jugak la join game yg diadakan dlm universiti..masa second year managed to involve in UMT team for a while, but then committed to study more, i left the team..besides, since 1st year, i already joined choir group Voice of Harmony.. kitorg selalu buat persembahan & join mana mana event dlm UMT.. & i performed in Dewan Sultan Mizan for convocation ceremony for 3 years in a row..2007..2008..2009..2010 xley da la sbb da grad..hehe..tiap kali convo, Sultan Mizan & Sultanah Nur Zahirah dtg.. tp plg best masa dpt performed time Dr. Mahathir dtg kt of the sweetest memories la..huhu..then, i hold the position of AJK in Double Helix Club.. bio student club.. budak bio mmg best & havoc laa.. in fact i managed to get 2 dean's list..6th sem pon dpt gak..but pointer jatuh coz subject BI.. everyone shock at dat time..haha.. this time i just got 3.81.. i think it was quite good la kan sbb masa tu baru je clash.. i think i can handle myself better after that.. :).. i graduated from UMT in July 2010 with total CGPA of 3.45.. what a nice number rite?? that was my lucky number i guess.. thank u to Allah for everything.. despite of the sorrow i've been through, he gave me happiness which i never thought before.. (^_^)

me during my convocation day.. only abah yg mom & sis at thailand.. my bro went to his license test..was a bit sad la..hopefully grad master nanti everyone can come.. :)

i grad with my sis.. hehe..abah was so proud of us..abah bg bear ikut warna baju..hihi

now i still studying at the last semester insyaallah, for my master degree in Master of Environment in science specialization at Universiti Putra Malaysia..i'll talk about my grade later after da graduated.. skrg biarlah rahsia.. :).. although many people objected at first, condemned or talking behind coz i'm doing master coursework, i just don't care.. because i know Allah knows the best & everyone have their own 'rezeki'.. who u are to say that what i'm doing is the best or not?? who r u to condemned me?? just because you are doing master research u are great & better than me?? well, frankly speaking, we dont know what the best for us after we had gone through the moment.. kita akan sedar kelemahan & kelebihan kita after a while.. maybe it takes years or more to realize our own gifts.. different people have different opportunities..tuhan berikan ape yg terbaik & sesuai dgn kita.. & rezeki masing-masing la kan.. tuhan cipta setiap makhluknya dgn baik da.. setiap makhluk dia akan main peranan & fungsi tertentu.. sbb tu setiap org kelebihan dia lain-lain..kalo sama je there's no variation la kan.. kalo nak compare-compare pun, biar la kita buat benda yg sama, baru nk compare kan? org ckp buat master coswork ni senang ekk?? masuk kelas je.. xyah buat pape.. tapi ingat belajar pun senang eh?kitorg ada jgk buat projek.. bkn belajar semata-mata.. buat korg yg kata senang sgt tu, apa kata try la amek.. rasa sendiri kesenangan blajar master coswork ni kan.. one advice to people out there.. kalo nk compare diri anda hebat atau tidak dgn org lain, sila comparekan based on root.. for example.. compare time korg sama-sama belajar degree & in 1 course.. from that we can see what is ur ability & kelebihan berbanding org yg korg nak compare kan.. baru fair.. :P..

in fact, i'm glad what i have today is because of my own effort & courage.. & mestila people2 yang support me la kan especially both my parents.. sepanjang hidup ni & sampai kat tahap ni, i never guna kable memana ke..or merayu mana2 ke sbb nak dpt yg the best.. for example, masa tak dapat SBP after UPSR dulu pon, my parent x penah guna kable mana-mana so that i can go to boarding abah previously worked as a headmaster and he had a very strong cable.. now he's working in JPNT & of coz he had some power on things related to school.. but he never used his power when it comes to his own family..he always help other people, but he teaches his children to use their own ability & capability in order to get anything.. this is his attitude which i respect the most.. he' s doing the right thing in raising us.. my abah once said,' skolah jela mana mana angah..belajar kat mana-mana pon sama je'.. masa form 4 i got offer from SMS Seri Puteri pon mcm pelajar lain.. xdak main 'cable wire' or 'cable car' nk dpt sekolah best2 mcm tu.. x mcm certain parents zaman skrg.. sbb nak anak & die dpt title blajar tempat bagus2 smpai sanggup merayu rayu mintak tolong kat umah pegawai berkenaan malam malam.. this is da fact people.. true story.. nak masuk universiti pon mcm tu..when at university, bila dpt markah rendah, ramai student yg merayu rayu kat lecturer supaya up markah dorg.. i never did that during my study.. NEVER.. what a shame to do that.. apa yg kita dapat masa exam mesti la hasil drpd ape yg kita study.. kan?? even i got some grade that i thought wrong or not satisfied with pon i just ignore je.. macam tu la jgk time apply keje.. asyik nk pakai kable je..true isn' it?? :) i'm glad coz my parent especially my dad, did teach me how to get what we want without the help of others.. kejayaan or anything that we want yg datang dari usaha kita sendiri adalah lebih bermakna daripada apa yg kita dapat daripada pertolongan or rayuan dr orang lain.. that's what i think & feel people.. do you feel the same way?? :) in fact, i was grown to be such a 'skema' & 'noob" girl..haha.. that's what my friend said.. heee.. :P.. semua org ckp i skema..perfectionist.. blablabla..haha.. but that was attitude that bring me to what i am today.. & i don't care about other people's thought.. i just walk & run towards my dreams.. :)..

buku-buku rekod pelajaran dari sekolah rendah sampai doing my master degree now pon i still simpan.. coz wanna show to my future children how hard i've tried to achieve what i have today.. thank you Allah SWT for giving me a good life..i don't know what's gonna happen in da future..but i know Allah will give the best for me.. :) .. thank you everyone who had encouraged & support me throughout my life.. & thank you to those who make me down.. coz i become stronger than i ever thought.. thank you peeps... hope i'll have a meaningful birthday this year.. insyaAllah.. (^_^)

so, here is my wishlist... (^_^)

1. hopefully can graduate with flying colours for my master degree..insyaAllah in January 2012..

2. to have a good work with good salary.. :)

3. to have my dream car.. maybe myVi extreme yellow in colour..tehehehee.. nak beli swift kalo baru bertapak mungkin tak mampu lagi kot.. (T_T)

4. gadget da i need new laptop..wuhuhuhu.. but teringin jugak bila tgk kecanggihan samsung galaxy sII.. samsung galaxy note..blablabla..

5. nak Kamera or DSLR.. hopefully by next year.. argghhh...nanti da ada, bley take pic banyak banyak.. :)

6. nak beli set makeup.. really need those.. :P

7. want new clothes, shawls, dresses,shoes....blablabla.. nama pon pompuan kan??heee..

8. teringin nak mkn kek yg cantik cantik & sedap.. p/s: sila beli ye kwn-kwn..hahaha

9. nak chocolate & biscuits famous amos byk2.. suke nengok hamper yg comel comel tu tiap kali lalu depan kedai tu kat Alamanda.. :P

10. Nak perfume.. really need this.. sekarang asyik duk pakai perfume cik zati yang digazettekan jadi harta awam..hahaha

11. nak novel best best & latest.. sy inikan hantu novel.. heeee.. a motivation book should be fine too.. :)

12. a birthday card yg dibuat sendiri atau ditulis tgn jugak amatlah sy hargai..hehe.. x main la elektronik version kan..tehehehe

till then, bye-bye.. xoxo


zOeY zAu YaH said...

alhamdulilah msh dipanjangkan umur..selamat hari lahir..smoga berjaya dunia dan akhirat..amin.. =)

~Miss Honey~ said...

amin..thanks for da wish cik zoey... same goes to u.. goodluck in whatever u do darl.. :)

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