Saturday, February 15, 2014

~Nurul Hanira~

Hi & Assalamualaikum....

this is just...totally me.. ;).. i'm not that smart to be honest.. but what i achieved today because i'm hardworking person.. i strive hard for what i want in life.. and yes..i'm a straight talker..jenis yang memang akan ckp direct what she want..what she don't want..funny? my friends knows me better..stubborn?yes.. i admit..i'm the most stubborn in my family i guess.. i do whatever i want neglecting others' opinion.. i'm stubborn enough to deny people who say i can't.. that's the good side of my stubbornness..haha.. yes.. i'm a hardworking person. also honest.. whatever come out my mind, i just shout it out..hehe..jealous on competitive basis?? yes.. i always strive to be the best among the best.. means that, others' success become my inspiration..i take it as a challenge for myself.. if others can do, why i couldn't ? .. kind hearted?maybe.. temperamental yes.. haha.. a bit tempered girl.. lol.. if you do things that i didn't like, yes, i'll be very mad.. popular?? others know better.. always be on top and independent..yes! and love relationship also yes..haha.. will get married soon after almost 8 years of relationship.. i did have problem with people who have opposite views.. because i think i always right..coincidentally, i did.. i always right.. haha..

take revenge on enemies in a long time basis?ehemmm..maybe.. but.. in the most good way.. i have no time to waste on hating other people.. instead those who make my life really miserable.. i'll remember till the day i die.. a spender?yes.. a big spender.. i can waste money just like that.. seriously.. but will have a good profession in the future?? insyaAllah.. :) the last one, there are some people who will work hard to bring me down? yes.. i already come across them.. & i know it'll be more in the future.. Alhamdulillah, i still can survive until now.. with Allah SWT's  wills.. i'm grateful with what i have so far.. not that rich, not that poor, just enough.. not always happy, sometimes sad, ups & downs, that's life.. my life principal is simple.. i don't bother other people life, so please don't bother mine.. do good to others, and good things will come to you.. currently, i've been busy focusing and modifying my life for a better living.. to live in barakah and to have a peaceful life.. and the only hope i have is Allah SWT.. no need to depend on this Dunya.. the feeling of becoming closer to Him, nothing is greater than this.. May Allah SWT ease everything throughout my journey.. Amin.. :)

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haniera said...

wat a surprise... hi hani... i like ur blog

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