Wednesday, April 23, 2014

~A Wife~

Hi & Assalamualaikum...

How are you guys? this is my first entry for April 2014.. & this is the first blog update after becoming a wife to Mr. Mohd Khairul Hafiz Bin Muda.. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah... A lot of story to tell..about my bridal shower.. my hantaran which is advertised in magazine.. my photos & videos of wedding.. most of them still with the official photographer.. my honeymoon.. oh.. lots of stories.. but i'm too busy with my life now.. with my study especially.. will do comprehensive exam (CE) for PhD soon.. this is the critical part as well which will determine whether i'm good enough/qualified to be a PhD student or not.. will go sampling again on 5th May.. will start my second labwork while waiting for the reactor to be fabricated.. & will produced another paper.. will be a presenter for the upcoming conference in Penang at the end of May.. have to settle the business.. fuhhh.. a very pack schedule..but i'll try to update my stories whenever i'm free.. May Allah SWT ease my journey.. here are some of my wedding photos as a teaser..woot..wottt.. :D

The solemnization ceremony on 26 March 2014.. 

my hantaran which was featured in Inspirasi Perkahwinan May 2014 issue.. 
from the groom to the bride.. ;)

The reception on 27 March 2014.. our welcome board.. ;)

ignore the messy room.. :P

candid by my BFF... ;)

I'm Nurul Hanira Binti Mat Lazim.. and i'm already taken by the most wonderful husband in the world, Mohd Khairul Hafiz Bin Muda.. 

The awesome BFF who came on my big day.. ;)

and of course.. the pic with my lovely husband... :)

p/s: Credit to dear friends yang upload all of those pics.. Thank you to Mama Abah for everything.. my adik Efi & Ena who assists well during the sis, Along for the hard time we've been through together, Alhamdulillah everything still went well.. thank you to all family members/relatives who came from far, Kelantan & Pahang.. Thank you to all friends & guests who came & gave us presents.. Thank you to all vendors (Already mention in FB, but will review later in detail)'s not like a fairy tale wedding, but everything was just perfect.. & most importantly, we managed to go through every obstacles & hardships to make sure this relationship became 'Halal' & most importantly diredhai dan dirahmati Allah SWT.. Doakan kami bahagia hingga ke syurga.. 

" The right man will love all the things about you that the wrong man was intimidated by"

To my dear husband, Mr. Ben..thank you for everything.. thank you for never ever give up on me.. thank you for always fight for me.. thank you for never tired loving someone like me..thank you for accepting me just the way i am..thank you for patiently waiting my heart to be yours.. thank you for just loving me & ONLY know everything about know who's in my heart.. but still you want me.. i promise, one day happiness will be ours.. may our marriage blessed by Allah SWT & may we're destined to be together in Jannah.. InsyaAllah.. we married for the sake of Allah SWT.. if i knew that being with you is the most blissful & wonderful things that ever happened in my life, i would love to turn back the time where there's only you in my heart..i do.. i heart you.. <3 i="">

When people see i'm happy like this,they never knew what i've been through before.. i was being hurt,fooled & broken once.. it's hard to move on.. it's hard to forget those who had wronged me.. but i'm glad that Allah SWT send an angel to be with me always.. to support me.. to encourage me.. to guide me to be a better husband..Previously, if i wanted, i could destroy everything.. i may destroy other people life.. But i'm a good girl.. and because i'm a good girl, i choose to leave all the dramas behind.. i pray & Allah SWT had showed me the truth.. and this is the destiny which i should be grateful for.. besides, i have my own life principal...

"kecewa macam mana pun kita, jangan sesekali kita buat orang.. Biarlah orang yang buat kita.. jangan kita berdendam..jangan memaki hamun.. redha dengan takdir Allah SWT.. percaya dengan takdir Allah SWT.. dunia hanya pinjaman & ujian..Allah SWT boleh bagi kita sesuatu.. & tarik sesuatu bila-bila masa Dia suka.. sekarang mungkin kita banyak kecewa.. tapi Allah SWT itu Maha Adil.. Mana tahu suatu hari nanti kita akan dapat bahagia yang hakiki sebagai ganti dari segala duka yang pernah kita dapat sebelum ini.. dan orang yang menzalimi kita akan menerima balasan atas apa yang telah dia buat pada kita.. Because i have Allah SWT, i believe in Allah SWT, I trust Him &  let Him do everything.. Allah SWT plan is the best..  :)"

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