Wednesday, December 31, 2014

~Goodbye 2014.. Welcome 2015~

Hi & Assalamualaikum..

tomorrow dah 1/1/2015.. Alhamdulillah masih dipanjangkan umur.. when reminiscing back all the things that happened in my life throughout 2014, it was a mix of sad & happy moment.. but still, i survived the obstacles..thank you Allah SWT for everything..

sebenarnya banyak sangat benda nak cerita.. but i'm too busy right now focusing on my study..the last part hopefully.. will work harder to publish more papers & start thesis writing.. i hope i can graduate on time.. as soon as possible.. ameen.. hopefully all is well..& no mood of course.. rasa nak low profile for a moment.. FB pun dah kurang active.. because i just realized time flies so fast.. and i don't know till when i'll stay alive.. future are no yet promised.. but death is sure.. cuma berharap pengakhiran yang baik untuk diri ini.. semoga kehadiran dirindui.. kehilangan ditangisi.. 

Azam baru tahun ni recall back azam lama jela..haha..till then, take care people.. have a bless new year.. & may us be a better person in 2015 too  :)

hope to explore more with you love.. ;)

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