Monday, March 2, 2015

27 February 2015 Miracles

Hi & Assalamualaikum...

Do you believe in miracles? I do.. realizing how those miracles thing happened to me.. it was just amazing...27 February 2015 is one of the miracle day of my life.. why?

1.  i faced a lot of obstacles in arranging of getting my leachate sample.. prosedur yang ditetapkan UPM sekarang memang sgt annoying.. i did cancel the meeting a day before sampling.. and rearranged back  the new date that should be on 27 February 2015.. and because of those difficulties (kenderaan x available/ rosak/driver xde) so i decided to go on my own..accompanied by my beloved husband..but one problem is that..his roadtax already dead since October 2014..almost 4 months now.. one reason is that, we have myvi.. my we just car pool to UPM.. and both of us so busy.. as he was busy with thesis writing since october and me with my 12 hours labwork a day..even on weekend..Alhamdulillah he finished his thesis and currently waiting for viva voce.. tapi sebab terpaksa jugak pergi ambil sample since current sample stock almost finished and i want to finished my labwork as soon as possible,  masa tu kami gamble je.. i did told you before that i have this special which i can feel something may happen before it occurs.. i don't know why i feel uneasy a day before we went there.. since malam tu, dah banyak doa semoga Allah SWT ease my way.. semoga segalanya berjalan lancar.. feel that there'll be a roadblock/any event in our way.. even we used the highway.. and guess what?? it did..on our way to my sampling plant, after the highway there's a roadblock near the tunnel.. masa dalam kereta tu Allah SWT je yang tahu perasaan ni macam mana..cuak berdebar nervous semua ada..macam macam ayat al-quran dibaca.. masa tu dalam kepala fikir satu je.. hanya Allah SWT yang boleh tolong.. i was gelabah ayam jugak lah tapi but my husband relax je.. he said.. "kalau niat kita baik, Allah SWT akan permudahkan..tambah-tambah untuk belajar".. and guess what people?? masa kami lalu kat roadblock tu nak dijadikan cerita tak ada polis yang jaga belah kiri..which tempat kita tampal roadtax..kalau ada polis jaga masa tu & check roadtax, memang kami x lepas juga.. sedangkan masa tu banyak motor & kereta kena tahan.. and abang polis tu sebelum tu berdiri kat situ.. even masa kami balik, ramai polis yang jaga belah kiri tu.. i feel so grateful.. Alhamdulillah.. :')

2. Another miracle happened masa kami di tempat sampling plant.. this plant is actually handling a very hazardous & toxic wastes all over the country.. scheduled waste specialization.. so nak dijadikan cerita, masa kami sampai tu prosedur ketat seperti biasa.. my husband was like jakun jugak la first time pergi site visit macam ni.. yang ni memang pengalaman yang kami tak boleh lupa.. masa tu tengah loading 7 bottle leachate dalam bonet kereta.. but then, i heard an explosion.. mula-mula tu macam tak ada apa sangat.. but then i realized some yellow smoke in the air.. udara pun jadi kelabu tiba-tiba.. even sempat borak mcm2 ngan abang yg tolong ambil sample kat landfill tu..tanya dia selalu ke udara macam ni etc.. and suddenly bunyi siren kecemasan.. and i looked ramai staf yag keluar and pergi area kami parking..which is tempat berkumpul for any kecemasan.. my husband and i after loading and keadaan kelam kabut macam tu nak pergi lah cop dekat main post admin..dah cop baru boleh keluar..but then dengan kami pun diarahkan berkumpul kat parking tu & dengar taklimat.. so dragged our time..kalau cepat sikit mungkin sempat cop & boleh balik dengan riang.. dah la kami berdua orang luar.. staf yang lain beratur ikut department pon pandang semacam..nak gelak pon ada.. i thought this is a fire drill.. but then the real explosion occurs.. but we were informed that some chemical reaction occurs in plant and cause small explosion.. but then we are released as it was not hazardous anymore.. so kami balik dengan riang.. but today, my sv whatsapp suddenly..the pic of my sampling plant burned.. she said i'm so lucky to get my sample before the incident.. the fire started at 1.30 pm on the same day i went for sampling .. i was there from 9.30-11 am.. few explosions occur and sampai 9 pm pun masih ada fire..3 dari 4 gudang for toxic waste burned completely.. due to hot weather, some chemical reaction occurs in toxic waste and it spark the fire..and this fire and explosion release toxic fumes to the air.. boleh imagine tak? rasanya keadaan lagi kecoh masa tu..bukan macam masa kami berkumpul pagi tu..  and luckily i was not there anymore.. again.. i feel so grateful..i was save again by Allah SWT from the chaos.. Alhamdulillah.. 

p/s: miracles do happen if you put your faith completely in Allah He was the most Merciful and the Almighty.. :)

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