Friday, May 27, 2011

~i'm home~

hi & assalamualaikum..

yeay!! finally i'm home.. home sweet home.. hepi sgt2 bile ade kt umah.. bley tgk tv.. baring2 x wat pape.. on9 pon free.. so heavennn!!!'s really good to be at home.. kalau la bley stay lama2 kt umah kan?? spending time wif my beloved family.. huhu.. cuti seminggu ni akan sy manfaatkan sebaik mungkin!! heeeee.. diz is what i am planning to do... :)

1. tomorrow pi wedding kat bukit bading, hulu terengganu wif my fam.. it's quite far from our home.. so, esok xyah msk..

2. ahad myb nk pick up baju yg da 2 bulan siap kat atas bus stand MBKT.. ntah muat ke x baju tue.. coz i'm increase in size..hahaha

3. isnin xtau nk wat ape.. myb staying at home jadik suri umah tgga or pi UMT meeting old friends & lepaking with them... :)

4. selasa-khamis my relatives from pahang-including my toki, tok, ateh's family & mak su's family will be staying at our home & we're going on vacation at Kelantan.. heeeee.. skenye family vacation.. & suke bley men baby syira.. x pnh lg jumpe bb syira ni.. excited.. coz everyone said that she's comell gilerr.. :)

5. jumaat-sabtu i'll be attending shu's wedding.. our cosmates time bachelor degree biology kt UMT.. da first one in our batch yg kawen.. so we all mmg excited+exaggerated..haha! so this is like mini reunion for our batch.. & i'm working hard to remove all pimples on my face + to lose some weight in these 1 week..haha.. mcm la sempat kan.. haisssshhh.. pape pon wish me luck.. :P

6. mybe 5/6 aribulan da balik Serdang.. ohh.. my holiday is too short rite?? sigh.. :'(

last but not least, my pinggang hurt since the last few days.. & it shows that it is not going to be recovered.. it's really hurt dowwwhhh.. wish me well soon k.. daaaaa:)

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