Sunday, December 4, 2011

~ Eternity Love~

hi & assalamualaikum.. :)

eternity love.. everyone searching & hope for it.. (^_^)

see da picture above?? so sweet right? two couples been in love in early age.. they grow up & matured the tree that shadows them.. the tree that become the witness of their love.. the couples going through the obstacles in life together.. building a life & career together.. then, they tied their relationship in a phase called marriage.. there'll be up & down in life but they managed to stay together.. growing old together.. like the tree.. no matter how bad the weather is, the tree was still there.. and when one of them left, the other will stay beside the grave.. didn't look for the other person.. still remember the partner that had left..& when both of them died, their grave are next to each other..this is what we called as an ENDLESS LOVE.. :)

me neither want this kind of love.. an eternity love.. till now i wonder & still searching..analyzing.. is he is the best for me? is he the one that i wanna grow old with? is he my destiny? i still wonder.. only god knows everything.. He knows what the best for me.. all i can do is just pray... pray... & pray... hoping the best for my life.... and i hope i will finally find my true love.. my eternity endless love... & live happily together ever after.. Aminnn.. (^_^)


Lia Irdelia said...

nice entry,,,

hmm.. sucinya cinta itu andai kekal hingga ke akhrnya...

~Miss Honey~ said...

thanks dear.. yup.. dat's true.. but we didn't know what will happen in da future.. :)

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