Saturday, November 17, 2012

~He said~

Hi & Assalamualaikum..

There's one guy in my life that i think i will not forget for the rest of my life.. Him.. we've been closed to each other.. & now we live on our own separate ways.. we've never been contact each other since long time ago..

i still remember during our most happiest moment before, he said 'Awak.. no matter what happened between us, if one day, you'll get engaged or married, promise me that i'll be the first to know'..

and lately i've been thinking of having a serious relationship with my love now, Mr. Ben..  & when the date is already set, the first thing that came across my mind is telling Him.. should i..or shouldn't i.. serba salah.. since we end our relationship (relationship ke??) in a not really proper way, i mean gaduh2 & bermusuhan kot..hmmm..ntah la.. it's complicated... nak cakap ke xnak..berkira-kira dalam hati..huhu.. but i do felt uneasy selagi tak keep the promise & not telling him.. so, i beranikan diri mesej him to tell the news..yup..he's the first one to know the good news..

i wrote to him:

'salam..i just wanted to tell u that in shaa Allah, on ...... i'll get .......i did promised you i had granted that promise.. i'll always pray for your health, life, happiness & succeed in everything u do..may Allah SWT bless you always.. you are the 1st to know & be invited..salam'

it took a long time for him to reply..but i do feel glad, relief & touched maybe.. he said:

'tahniah. & semoga majlis berjalan dgn lancar. wish u happy'

I replied:

'In shaa Allah..Thank you.. :')'

the end.........

(the message written above may be slightly different due to short term memory loss  i had.. :P)

seriously.. i felt so happy...relief... & terharu at the same time.. lega sangat dapat bgtau dia.. i didn't know how  he accept this news at real but the words he said i'm touched means that we already accept the fate, getting wiser & move on.. Alhamdulillah.. i'll always pray for you.. i do.. :)

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