Sunday, June 23, 2013

~Feel Blessed~

Hi & Assalamualaikum.. 

Alhamdulillah.. i feel so blessed day by day..  Since i moved on, there's so many things that changed in my life.. how i see the future.. how i see the world.. not only with my two eyes, but i see it with my heart.. Everything that i do in my life everyday now, i'll think about Allah SWT.. i'm not saying that i'm a good person.. i'm not saying that i'm a religious person.. not reach that level yet.. but i did try to be a good person, although i'm not that good.. i did want to change my life to the better of course.. because all this while, i do bad to people.. i did lie.. i make sins.. & by being alone now, i'll always reflect myself.. thinking how bad i am before.. 

So, i started to be good to people.. talk to the people more friendly.. help any people in trouble.. by making others happy, i'm also happy.. i don't know why, but i feel so blessed.. i want to tell a story.. not to be proud of myself... but it is something that we can ponder in our life.. 

This story is related to money since money is very important in our life.. since i'm single now, i did own a lot of money compared to normal students.. but i'm a big spender you know.. i can finished more than 1k per day for shopping.. & then i'll realized, 'where's my money?' when i look at the amount in the bank had been reduced drastically...hahahaha.. well, girls & shopping cannot be separated..but since i've a new responsibility which is having a car, i do need to manage my money well as i've to paid RM 559/month..i also need to start budget the fuel cost after this..  & then have to pay hostel fee.. so, with lot of responsibilty currently, i become less spender.. i'll buy according to the current needs only..hehe..

Last friday, i sent my mom & adik to Pudu Sentral.. they were going to Kuantan after signing the loan agreement to visit my uncle, who had been operated for brain tumor on 17/6/13.. so at the Pudu Sentral, we went to a bookstore.. my mom & i have the same hobby.. which is reading malay novels.. so we choose what we want.. i asked her to take any novels she wanted.. when we're done, i asked her, is it enough as i'm going to queue & pay.. my mom said, she will pay for her novels.. i said, it's ok.. i paid for them all.. i rarely do something with my family.. so i think it's ok if once in a while to buy them something.. i hope by doing this, i'll make my mom happy.. even a little bit.. & i believe and have faith in Allah SWT that He will give me more things that i ever need in future.. the end..

the next story, there's a friend of mine having money problem lately as she's waiting for her salary.. i did tell her before, if she need my help, i'm willing to help her.. i know how hard it is being a student without money.. money is the major problems for student who's pursuing master/PhD.. so, i did give a little help to her.. helping people who are in need is the most amazing feeling in my can't be describe.. Allah SWT had granted her pray for help through me... &  i'm glad i've been chosen by Allah SWT to help her.. 

You know what.. the more i spend my money on others, the more money/rezeki Allah SWT gives to me.. that's why now i never worry about money.. i've spend my money on whoever i like.. my sis.. my family.. my friends.. since i was  a kid, i love to gives present to others, so that it can make them happy.. as i'm getting older, buying foods or presents is my hobby to make others happy.. regarding money, i have faith in Allah SWT.. all this while when i've money problems, Allah SWT will help me in such a way i couldn't even imagine.. like giving me projects on my business (suddenly there'll be customers who want to order huge amunt from me) & etc.. 

and today, when i open my CIMBCLICKS to buy top up, i was shocked to see more than 2k in my CIMB account instead of 300++.. i think it's the refund money from my last semester paid by MYBRAIN15.. Alhamdulillah, i feel so blessed.. now i can buy new laptop for my study.. Allah SWT did know when the right time to give you the best.. i feel so much blessed..

i'm happy with my life now.. i did wish to become a person with a big heart..who easily forgive others for their mistake..who is kind hearted to help others.. who has empathy to others..because i'm kinda selfish before.. never care of others feeling.. so, i did hope i can be a better person one day, insyaAllah.. 

Whatever it is, do have faith & believe in Allah SWT.. believe me, He will never disappoint you as every human did.. & whatever you need in life, just pray to Allah SWT.. He will granted it.. Doa is the greatest weapon.. any impossible thing will be possible with His willing.. whether it's now, later or in future.. He did know the best time to give it to you.. & if He didn't granted your wish/pray, it is because He had greater plan & greatest thing to give it to you.. :)

p/s: Happiness is feeling good about ourselves. To feel good do good, to do good be good. Once we do good we have good  - Prof Dr Muhaya

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