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~Talking about dreams~

Hi & Assalamualaikum...

Current life is quite dull & boring.. i've no mood at all to focus on study these 2-3 weeks.. it's like my spirit had flew away to no where.. but i know, this is just for temporary.. i'm down a little bit regarding my research study and my personal life.. regarding my study, i still can't find what type of statistical analyses that should be used to present my data better..whether using some sort of software or just simple statistical analyses for instance ANOVA or linear regression.. haiyakkk.. a bit stress this week.. these 2-3 days learning statistics, try to understand its function..i hate maths & of course anything related to calculation..but since i've entered the engineering field, of course i can't run away from those things.. As for personal life, i'm still adapting with the transition.. i don't want to think about marriage & anything related to it.. even if i'm seeing a happy couple in front of me or seeing the picture of people getting married, how happy they are, i don't feel getting jealous or desperately want to be like them one day.. seriously, i think i'm a heartless person right now.. i don't know why i become & behave like this, but maybe i've gone through a lot of pain in my relationship before, tired of hoping & trying my best maybe.. i think i grow stronger.. no more tears tickling down my cheeks.. hurt make people change.. i do agree with this fact..even i'm broken sometimes, i always encourage myself..thanks to family & friends who always support me in whatever i do & what i've decided..

And yeahhh!! i love my single life now.. no heartache.. no tension thinking of money that i've to find & collected for getting married.. & i noticed that i became much more calm & happier.. even Kak Izu, my lab mate notice that i'm more happier compared to when i'm engaged with someone..hahaha.. well, i can feel that too.. i have no stress & tension at all right now.. my mind is free.. & i can do whatever i like & what i want in my life.. i have money & i can spend it for anything i love & i want.. and yeahhh.. i'm excited to list down all my dreams & wish that all of it will came true.. InsyaAllah.. & here is some of the dreams that i'll make it true:

1. Having own transport

Since i'm having transport problem, this is the most compulsary thing that i've to get to ease my life here in UPM.. & Alhamdulillah everything was settled last Friday.. now, just waiting for my new 'BABY' comes to its mama..hahaha.. can't wait.. Coz all this while, i've to depend on others to go everywhere.. It's quite hard.. you have to wait..wasting time..Please ease my way ya Allah SWT.. hopefully by next week, the car will be in my hand..Thank you Allah SWT for making one of my dream that i've waited for almost 24 years came true.. by having this precious thing, i knew then how to rock & roll my life.. ;)

2. Having smartphones

It's almost a year i'm not using any smartphones since my baby GIO broke down.. & last week, i've pampered myself with new smartphone by using rebate RM200.. i've got myself Stealth II (Ninetology).. Although this phone is not branded & well established like SAMSUNG, NOKIA, or SONY ERICSSON, i do love this phone much.. first, because it's cheap..since i've bought a new car, i need to budget my money.. that's why i didn't buy S4, Xperia Z & etc..& i don't like Blackberry.. i just have to add RM599 (original price is RM799) to own this phone.. & it have all the specifications that i want from a smartphone.. good looking (the design look like samsung galaxy grand and other expensive hp), have dual sim, great camera quality (8MP), sounds great for music (eventhough it can't challenge sony ericsson, still consider great..hehe), i've got free hp cover & free 8GB of memory card, when surfing the internet, it is fast.. so it's totally worth it rite? teheee.. & of course all smartphone have same problems.. battery couldn't last longer.. maybe i've to consider to buy powerbank after this..hehe

 my stealth II.. ;)

it looks cool isn't it? hehe

3. Sweet Escape / Short Vacation

And of course, with all the problems i've been through lately, i do feel like i need a sweet escape.. Anyone, 'Bawaku Pergi?' please?? teheheee.. last friday, while studying for statistics, suddenly me & kak izu accidentally 'googling' mydeals & groupon page.. kak izu have been travelled a lot around Malaysia & Inonesia.. she already explored half of the Indonesia..i think she already finished exploring the whole Malaysia..haha.. she also had been to Krabi (my dream place).. she had an experience of travelling the age of 28th & single, i do adore her life..she did know how to enjoy her life.. & i think i'll be okay when i'm single too.. hehe..there's so much things out there that we can explore and do together later.. waahhhh.. feel so excited..hehe.. we found that there's a lot of getaway deals at the pages.. i've always dream to getaway to some exclusive place near the beach.. doing load of works in such a calm please.. a nice & relax place to stay..& guess what?? both pages have deals for Gold Coast Morib Resort.. from RM584 to only RM168..  Package 2 day 1 nite during Weekdays.. stay in Studio Suite with attached jacuzzi..also includes buffet breakfast and theme park tickets.. so, let's enjoy the view of this place..hehe

 the theme park..

 view from top..

 on top also.. 

 beautiful isn't it?

 the condos..

 the beach.. waa..can't wait..hehe

i love beach scenery.. 

here some info about Gold Coast Morib:

Seaside Getaway in a Water Theme Park Resort
The sandy coastal bay of Morib lies at the edge of the getaway resort, fringed with lush forests that creep around the resort grounds with its modern and minimalist furnishings. Fixed with a deep Jacuzzi bathtub, the bathroom is part and parcel of the getaway experience, along with the cool polished tiles and plush beds. Meet childhood whims without restraint or reservations at the resort’s water theme park that features a collection of slides, pools, and a water canal that snakes around the fixtures.

Morib, Banting: A Quiet and Idyllic Seaside Township
Having played an important role in history as the landing point of the British and Indian Army liberation forces during World War II, Morib’s quiet beach is a far cry from its clandestine past. Soft sand lines the beach, greeting white foams that surge ashore from calm waters. The sleepy hollow of Banting lays a leisurely 20-minute drive from the resort, a small agricultural township with empty skies that traded towering high-rise buildings for stout double-storey shop lots and quaint, raucous motorcycles.

Studio Suite
  • 45 sqm room
  • King-sized or twin bedding
  • Private bathroom with built-in Jacuzzi and hair dryer
  • Safety deposit box and coffee and tea making facilities

Hotel facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Water theme park
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Safety deposit box
  • Meeting facilities

so, i've successfully bought the deals as it is too tempting.. it has jacuzzi this is my dream that will become reality so far.. insyaAllah.. after this, i'm dreaming of having pedicure & manicure, as well as pampered myself at spa for massages & facial treatment.. i've also dream to go to celebrity fitness or join/have membership for any health/fitness gym..oh forgot.. want to buy new laptop for study.. i've been using this mini HP for a long time.. want a bigger screen..hehe.. & maybe DSLR will be in the list as i love taking pictures..and as i'll be travelling a lot after this, it is a must have item.. kak izu & i  had a chat about travelling.. and maybe we'll be going for backpacking travelling to explore Indonesia started from Surabaya..& my rumate did asked me to join her to go to Istanbul, Turki early next year.. i'm really tempting to go there since i watch 'Istanbul Aku Datang'..bahaha.. maybe this  one can be in the list also.. that's i'll hunt next..& the other place that i'll traveled soon is Vietnam with my aunt, mama & along.. we planned to go there after Raya, on 14th-16th August 2013. have to save some money then..hehe.. and the list will go on & on..hehe.. there's so much things about my dream that i want to share.. will update later..  till then, take care people.. have a nice weekend.. :)


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