Monday, July 22, 2013

~Change & Goodbye~

Hi & Assalamualaikum...        

I think i've enough with my current life lately.. & i do want to change to better.. so i wanna leave all people who prevent me from finding my own happiness.. who stop me from things that i should have.. i wanna remove certain people in my life who just treat me as an option..  who just want me for fun.. it's time to get serious.. Firstly, need to do Istikharah.. so that Allah SWT will give me guidance to make a choice in my life.. i have two choices.. stay, or i'll be hurt forever.. or leave, chasing back what i've lost.. ease my way Allah SWT.. maybe this is one of the test you want me to go through.. & at the end, there'll be a happy ending for me.. I know you test me according to what i'm capable of.. i hope i'll be strong enough.. :)

p/s: Dear 'you'... you had make your choice.. & i'll make my choice now.. which is leaving you.. i wont hate you coz you are already part of my life.. it's already 4 years.. but i'm still holding on to you.. but now, i'm leaving you for my sake.. & for 'your' and 'her' sake too.. my prayer is always be with you.. Be happy & take care.. :)

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