Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~Bengang..maybe?? ~

hi & assalamualaikum..

~i don't wanna talk much..juz feel a bit sad & hurt.. some people didn't realize that in order he/she want to impress & make other's happy, they hurt another people..feeling sick of this kind of people who just see to make his/her priority happy by neglecting the feeling of the people surrounding.. if it happen once or twice, maybe it can be accepted.. but if it happens always, think about it people..if you had promised with someone to do something, please kept ur promise..just don't be too selfish..don't just think that only u & ur priority live in this world.. whenever wanna do something, please think about other people around also ok?? they are also normal human who have feelings.. don't ever hurt others in order to take care of ur love one's heart.. think about it.. muhasabahlah diri & selamat beramal.. ~

peace..no war.. (^_*)

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