Sunday, August 21, 2011

~wordless sunday~

hi & assalamualaikum..

today is sunday..& i'm in a holiday mood.. juz arrived safely here in terengganu my hometown yesterday at 6pm.. nothing much to do..& i still have no mood to start working on baking biscuits & cakes.. haha! weird when i've no mood to start cooking.. juz bz FBeing & blogwalking.. :P

today, 21st August means 21 day already muslims had been fasting.. 9 days left y'all.. so fast time moving.. raya is just around the corner & everyone are busy looking for new clothes, shoes, handbags & so on.. of coz diz coming raya, the 'ladies' are the most excited person.. hehe..including me.. :P

so here, i just wanna say, to all muslims, selamat mengejar malam lailatul qadar & buat amal ibadat sebanyak yang mungkin.. coz not all people have the opportunities.. like me.. sobs.. :'( hope this year i can pray solat sunat hari raya aidilfitri after not being able to do that for 3 years in a row.. oh men.. u should be thankful coz u r so lucky.. ;-)

& also wanna say selamat membuat persiapan yg sebaik mungkin for this coming raya.. yg dpt bonus tu thankful.. & please spend wisely..jgn membazir kerana itu adalah amalan syaiton..hehe.. ingat pesan saya.. even barang murah & non-branded pon bley nampak cantek & bergaya.. :)

babai.. (^_^)

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