Monday, April 23, 2012

~ Diam & terus menanti~

Hi & Assalamualaikum..

I've not been contacted at all by him.. approximately 2 days now.. Fine.. I won't give up.. All this while, I'm da one that always take care of his heart.. selalu mengalah when it comes to relationship problems..I always contact him first..whether it's my fault..or his fault.. & I'm done with that.. selama ni hanya dia yang menunggu.. So, kali ni, biarlah dua2 menunggu.. let us both ignore each other.. let us both feel the pain.. it was unfair if i'm the only one who feel hurt everytime being ignored.. let us don't care about each other.. let us don't call & msg each other.. let us learn not to miss each other..let us learn how to live without each other.. maybe that's the best way.. I will always smile no matter what.. I wont let u win this time.. I will wait.. I'm waiting in silent because I want to know whether u still want me or not.. I'm waiting to know whether u still need me in your life or not.. If you still silent like this, I assumed that you don't want me anymore.. you don't need me anymore.. you don't want this relationship anymore.. I'm counting.. let us see what will happen next..


Miss_Cactus said...

Saya dah rasa!! It's very very hurt deep inside.. Tapi tetap mahu kan dia.. Mcm dh tak nampak org lain.. Bad rite!! Not easy falling in love with people what we call hati kering.. Haha no matter how far he go.. How bad his treat me.. And I still love him. Y?

~Miss Honey~ said...

me too.. sakitnya hati when he kept silent.. why only me had to move first? why? (T_T)

Miss_Cactus said...

akhirnya sendiri jugak pujuk hati..
merendah ego dihati..

siapa sepatutnya bersyukur?? perempuan atau lelaki..??

zOeY zAu YaH said...

ego mungkin? sabar tau..

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