Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~It is better this way..~

 Hi & Assalamualaikum..

Forgetting someone who once close to you, it's never been easy.. 
you'll remember that person for the rest of your life.. 
in 5 years, 10 years in the future, as you are growing old, 
you'll see them one day & you'll never knew how you will feel at that time.. 
it's scary you know.. trust me.. 

Dear 'You',

You have voice out your thought.. you have decided.. 

It's hurt, but i know life must goes on.. 

i hope that i'm strong enough to face you one day..

i hope there'll never be the chance to be like we used to be..

coz i don't want to be hurt again..

i think i have enough already..

it's been years, but i'll never learn the lesson..

this time, i got it..

i'll move on..
& I'll never be the same, if we  ever meet again...

The pain & scars you give to me, it's really painful..

i guess i'll remember it for the rest of my life..

cause you are just a beautiful liar..

playing with my mind and my heart..

right from the start, you were a thief, you stole my heart..

& i'm your willing victim..

avoiding you, forgetting you...

and i think it is better to be this way...

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