Wednesday, December 25, 2013

~Happy News~

Hi & Assalamualaikum...

How are you guys been doing? me? just fine.. still experience a little bit cough.. hopefully will fully recover soon.. Esok 25/12/2013.. Selamat Hari Natal utk penganut agama Kristian.. dan happy holiday utk semua.. kalau yang terpaksa bekerja tu, teruskan bekerja..hehe.. 

dah lama tak story about my study progress.. i do prefer to show other people my happy & fun life rather than my hectic life as a PhD student..hahaha.. but since we're coming to the end of the year 2013, it also means that, i'm going to finished my 3rd semester of study soon.. by 12 January 2014 to be exact..macam x percaya je.. macam cepat je masa berlalu.. kalau dulu i've finished my master coursework exactly 3 semester, which is one & half year.. now, i've another 3 semester, which is halfway to go.. dah start risau ni sbb macam x banyak progress je..hahaha.. selalu je fikir macam-macam kan.. dengan banyak tanggungjawab lagi selain dari study.. running business at the same time.. preparing my wedding.. to admit, it's never been easy.. :P so, yesterday, i've got email from my SV.. 

she just gave birth to a baby boy & still in confinement period.. as she's going to work soon, she need to find a nursery for her baby.. She said Aiman (also her student) just got approval for his grant..about RM160K++ .. i also got Geran Putra UPM but for RM15K only..Alhamdulillah.. there's an extra allocation, which i can used for my project..dah ada duit for buying new equipment for measuring ammonia gas..nak cari yang portable but for higher range.. in fact, nak built up a reactor pun dah almost RM10K++.. so, the grant is very important for me..hehe.. 

actually, currently i've been working on my first paper for the conference next year.. my SV insists that i should used some sort of software so that my results would be more presentable and nampak 'wow' la.. hahaha.. but unfortunately, with only one invariable parameter to see few responses, i can't use the software.. therefore, i suggest to my SV that i'll working on the next paper, design experiment using RSM and obtained the results by doing the experiment as suggested by the software.. and she did accept my opinion.. Alhamdulillah.. so, i'm planning to do the experiment in early January 2014 as i've to do the most important part first, which is my second objective, to design and fabricate the fluidized bed reactor (FBR)..part ni rasanya the most toughest.. since i'm not an engineering student, bab calculation la yang failed sket.. but i'll learn.. so, planningnya, starting this thursday till next week, by hook or by crook, i want to finished those design.. sempat ke tak belakang kira.. yang penting usaha sehabis boleh.. walau bakal busy dengan event on this 28th Dec (got a wedding job from my senior previous back in SESERI to bake 40 cake in jar, setting a candy buffet & guestbook corner).. and target paling lewat by 12 Jan 2014 design da fully siap.. hopefully.. still searching for materials calculating & how to design FBR reactor.. ada sesiapa yang tahu dak?heee

since i can't made any amendment more for the first paper, and my SV also agreed after checking, therefore, i can submit my full paper now.. the due date will be on 15 January 2014.. but now, i'm waiting for the organizer to reply my email regarding the page limit for the conference for rach participant... i don't want to pay for an extra pages & i think i should cut some ORP part..sebenarnya da malas nak tambah..hahaha.. :P but Alhamdulillah, at last i managed to finished one paper.. another paper i'll asked Sani later..i asked him to send it to journal rather than conference as we need to publish paper.. a master student need to publish at least one paper journal, and i've got to published two at least..  and the coming optimisation using RSM software for the next experiment, i'm planning to send it to an International Journal.. or attending conference overseas..nak kejar published 2-3 journals at least, then i don't have to worry about graduating my PhD anymore.. bila dah cukup syarat yang UPM bagi, hantar thesis according to time & viva on time, i can graduate already.. but apa-apa pun, kena finished part design, sbb nanti nak wait for fabrication, i can do the RSM experiment.. and start seriously writing my thesis.. at least, before i got married, i want my research to be completed by 50%-70% .. and hopefully i can graduate exactly 3 years including the viva.. if not the maximum will be 3 and half years.. that's all.. 

i heard she's back already in the office, and today i whatsapp her asking whether she's in the office or not.. since it's the end of semester, i need her approval (signature) regarding few things.. borang GS11 progress report for UPM (actually just isi on9 and tak perlu hantar punyalah bersusah payah.. grrrrrr).. borang progress MyPhD yang kena hantar ke KPT..borang GRF (Graduate Research Fellowship).. my SV suruh isi so that i can assist her in class to teach & marking the paper for undergraduate student subject.. last time hantar last minute, so maybe rejected.. hopefully this time i'll get..may Allah SWT ease..and then borang claim for attending bengkel & seminar..rasa berdebar juga nak jumpa..sbb dah lama sgt x jumpa face to face.. just email or whatsapp je..hahahah.. Alhamdulillah, everything went well.. nasib baik xde tanya psl design reactor lagi..hehe..  bila dah settle semua borang ni rasa lega sangat.. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah.. Alhamdulillah.. so, it's a wrap for this year.. at least, i'm in progress although a bit slow compared to others yang maybe gempak2.. but actually the most important thing is that, the learning process during the journey.. how you survived when you feel that you already tired and sometimes mentally & physically breakdown..  how you need to deal everything on your own.. the truth is, doing PhD is a very lonely journey... everything depend on you.. how you manage your time, your life & your schedule..and the most important thing is that how you manage your attitude and emotion.. sometimes it seems like a chaos, but believe me, when you put your trust on Allah SWT, He will ease your way.. Remember that He will always be with you..and He will never put you in the situation that you can't handle.. :)

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