Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hi & Assalamualaikum..

Throughout my life i had came across many people.. some people i met, i did wish they will stay forever.. some of them, i've to let go.. some of them, i prefer they are not in my life & i'd never meet them.. well, not all our wish can come true.. Sometimes we have to realize that we can care about someone but can't be with them.. & the only thing we can do for them is just pray & Doa.. that may they get their dreams & what they wish..may they be happy always even if we are not with them anymore.. may they be succeed in everything they do.. & the most important thing is that, they did remember u sometimes or u did come across their mind in daily life as they recall the memories with u (there's a memories/song/whatever that might remembered them about you).. I just have a little hope.. that i'll left footprints in the heart of every people that i've met throughout my life &  leave something good for them.. like inspired or motivate them in life.. also left them with good/sweet memories to be remembered.. i hope my absence/disappearance were felt, and my presence were noticed/appreciated in their life.. InsyaAllah.. (^_^)

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