Monday, December 31, 2012

~Happy New Year 2013~

Hi & Assalamualaikum...

This is the last entry for 2012 i guess.. it's already 31/12/12... wahhhh!! time flies so fast.. a year had passed.. can't wait & looking forward for the Good & Bad memories in 2013.. hehe.. so, bila da nak masuk tahun baru, semua orang sibuk tulis azam baru & impian masing-masing.. nak flashback la apa yg saya da azamkan tahun 2012 dulu.. nak tgk what i got at the end of the year of 2012.. whether it is accomplished.. or not.. ;)

Azam Tahun 2012:

1. Nak Kurus.. 
[accomplished..sbb current weight 56.5kg from 63kg..tapi kena reducekan forward to 2013..hehe]


2.want to be a better muslimah 
[still trying..& always try to improve.. ;)]


3. want to finish my study in January 2012 with flying colours 
[accomplished.. graduated from my master degree with CGPA 3.75 & above as targeted]

 4. i want to get a permanent job with higher salary.. maybe RM2000++ 
[i'm not working i didn't accomplished this one.. but i'm currently going to finished my first semester of PhD.. a thing that i've never expected..& insyaAllah, this is for a better career in the future.. Alhamdulillah.. :)]

5. i wish to have my own car
[not accomplished yet.. InsyaAllah early January-February 2013..still waiting for MyPhD Scholarships]

6. saya nak beli ape yg saya idamkan
[not accomplished yet..maybe after MyPhD Sholarships masuk..hehe]

7.  i want to live a happy new life & forget the past.. 
[still trying & adapt.. found many new & nice people.. & i'm happy with my life now..]

8.  i wish that something big will happen soon in my life.. 
[accomplished.. many big things happened in my life during 2012.. i had graduated from my master degree, which the convocation ceremony in October 2012.. i got further my study to PhD level..  many of my BFF got engaged & married.. & hey, i'm engaged to someone also now! haha.. never expected this one.. yet Allah SWT plan is the best.. :) ]

Lastly, Happy New Year 2013 to all..may this upcoming year will be better & joyful to us.. InsyaAllah.. (^_^)

p/s:azam tahun baru nak fikir dulu malam ni..esok baru tulis..kihkih.. :P

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