Friday, January 4, 2013

~4 Januari 2012~

Hi & Assalamualaikum..

Today is the first time i present my PhD proposal to my supervisory committee member.. these 2 days, i'm so busy reading journals & prepared myself...dari semalam hati sgt x tenang...lepas meeting with SV i was blurrr.. WHAT IS MY PROJECT ACTUALLY? bolehh??!!! hahaha

i can't even do anything... kenapa la SV ni dua ari before present baru tgk saya punye slide + proposal writing...then baru sibuk nak saya betulkan.. i sent my proposal since last saturday.. & when we're discussing, actually both of us mcm blur..hahaha.. my project is actually under his husband punya project.. meeting dulu sekali je...& she also seem didn't fully understand what we're going to do..kalo SV pon xtau, konpem2 anak buah lg xtau..haha.. so, no one i can seek, except asking help from Allah SWT.. just pray that everything will be fine.. :')

and the presentation was!@$%^&*().. not that bad.. but there's so many things to be improved.. tapi sgt berterima kasih to all my SV member for all the suggestions & now i know my track & what i really have to do.. I do understand my mistake & I need to improve.. A LOT! my SV's husband, Prof Rashid also say sorry to me coz he said, he should bring me to the treatment plant at the first place so that i'll know the condition & what i'm going to do... Prof Chuah also also kind to me.. he considered my safety during the upcoming fieldwork & give various advice...hehe..& InsyaAllah, after my exam on 12/1/2013, i'll be writing & start & set my mind to the new things again! *semangat*.. target 20/1/2013 done after my SV came back from overseas.. after that, we might have a trip to the treatment plant..this year is going to be very tough & challenging for me i guess..but what i want is that, i hope i can go through the obstacles & Allah SWT will make everything easier for me.. Hidup saya sekarang ini hanyalah kebergantungan kepada Allah SWT.. I might not came this far without His will.. :') 

A few things that i learned during these 2 days:

1. Do not give up easily...always encourage yourself.. 
2.try to love what you do.. fall in love with it.. 
3. always have positive thoughts..even life is hard.. 
4. No succeed people become successful unless they make mistakes at the first place.. coz no body perfect..Life is a process of learning.. 
5. With Allah SWT by our side, anything is possible.. do pray ask for forgiveness & help..InsyaAllah everything will be just fine.. ;)

dalam hidup ni memang akan ada ups & downs.. tak semua hari yang kita lalui cerah.. yang penting how we gonna go through it.. how we handle and manage everything.. how we handle the stress especially.. & i really need to change my habit a lot, my attitude, my life & everything.. i want to become somebody new.. i hope i can satisfied all my SV member & show them how i'm improve & i'm really qualified for these in the future....  InsyaAllah... Aaminn...

p/s: Dear Allah SWT, it's fine if i had to go thorugh many obstacles before i may achieve my dream.. I will coz the reason why i'm doing this is because of my parent.. they had put a lot of hardwork & sacrificed for me.. so why not i put a lot of hardwork & sacrificed for them too??.. but please always be with me everytime i have to go through it.. everytime i feel like i'm fragile & down..please never leave me alone.. :')

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