Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hi & Assalamualaikum...

Hari ni nak story pasal miracles... @ keajaiban dlm BM..hehe.. dalam hidup ni  kadang-kadang banyak perkara yang kita x sangka akan berlaku kan? kadang-kadang kita mengharapkan sesuatu..tup tup dapat @ muncul depan mata.. kadang-kadang kita nak sikit je, tapi dapat lebih dari permintaan... kadang-kadang teringin nak makan something, pastu tetiba dtg org bawak or ada bendanya.. seronok bukan?? This is what we called as MIRACLES..and of course, it did happened with the permission of Allah SWT.. (^_^)

I believe miracles did happened sometimes.. especially when you have positive minds.. positive attitude.. positive heart.. InsyaAllah everything will be easier for you.. InsyaAllah Allah SWT will granted your wish..

As I mentioned before, since last week i've been so struggle & busy doing my new proposal..i had presented my proposal on 4th January 2013, & need to improve some part of the study..for 10 days memerap je dlm umah..x kuar langsung okay.. finally, it's end today.. Alhamdulillah!! thank you Allah SWT for make my way easier (even x tau mcm mana feedback dari SV lagi..hahah!) well, this is one of the biggest achievement for me as i'm not being out of home for 10 days! muahaha.. me myself cannot believe i did through this.. well, kaki jalan, kaki shopping macam i bley tahan kena torture (torture dek diri sendiri) mcm ni..hehe.. well, to achieve something we don't ever have, we must do something extraordinary rite?? *motivate myself always* so, today baru boleh menarik nafas dgn lega & smile & tgk TV sepuas hati & baca novel..muehehe.. harus la reward diri sendiri after this..thinking of a good vacation lately.. ;)

so back to the topic... i did believe miracles happened sometimes.. for this 2013, i've found a few miracles things happened in my life..check this out:

1. On midnight of new year 2013, suddenly i craved for cakes.. xtau kenapa teringin sangat..sebab da lama x makan kot..hehe.. & my housemate did bring some of her friends to our aparment.. Guess what?? one of her friends brought us very delicious chocolate cheesecake from Baker's Cottage! kami makan ramai-ramai like a feast at 1 AM.. x penah-penah makan selewat ni..cake pulak tu.. haha.. memang menambun lemak jela.. Alhamdulillah.. hehe.. (it's like a farewwell party actually.. i olls is sad.. sob..sob..)

2. On 4th of January 2013, i had presented the proposal in front of my supervisory committee member.. there are four of them.. i was really afraid with their feedback..afraid of to be condemn actually...haha.. it's like layak ke saya buat PhD ni? is this what PhD student do?? with 1 semester, i've not starting my project yet?? Guess what?? All of them are so nice in giving comments and recommendations.. even Prof Rashid (My SV husband) apologize me for not taking me to visit the study area yet.. & that's the reason why i'm not really clear with my study.. hopefully i will satisfied them with the new proposal.. sgt berharap to fulfill their expectations.. InsyaAllah, will be put more hardwork after this.. ;)

 3. On 12th of January 2013, I had the examination for ESC 5012 (Analytical Techniques in Environmental Sciences).. this is the only subject that i've been taking for this semester.. & hopefully this is the last in my life time.. haha.. :P bila da meningkat usia ni (baru 24 tahun je pun..hehe) daya ingatan, hafalan,etc tu da x brape nak kuat dah.. nak study pon tok sah duk ckp la mcm mana nak cari mood tu.. memang respect & suspect la orang orang yg da berumur pun masih gigih nak belajar..hehe.. Masa nak exam tu, da la 15 min before exam tau period.. dgn sakit+ dengan risau+ soalan yg agak susah (i did mention in previous post which is about period), memang x rasa ada harapan la nak dapat B+ ke.. A- or A..sebab seriously, rasa banyak sangat yg xley jawab.. yg dibaca x masuk.. yang x dibaca masuk.. hahaha.. even after discuss with Stephen (my friend yg stay The Academia jugak), he said this is the toughest paper.. & he can't predict also what the grade will be.. & Guess what?? i just browse the SGS Portal now, & the result is A-... memang tak sangka sangat.. i thought the best grade will reach B or B+ je...this is so miracles... Alhamdulillah... :')

4. Another thing that i felt miracle in my life is that, whenever i have important things to do or event in my life (exam, vacation, outing with friends), i always period.. Allah SWT macam tau tau je & bagi cuti everytime i need it the most.. Bila pegi jalan-jalan, i prefer if i'm period becoz senang.. xyah tanggal make up bila nak solat.. tak yah kisah baju kotor kalo xley solat..Aritu, abes exam je, mmg rileks sgt2.. balik umah pon boleh setelkan proposal dengan lancar.. it's perfect timing..untungnya saya jadi perempuan.. Alhamdulillah.. hehe.. ;)

5. After exam tu, on 14th of January 2013, i went back home.. balik-balik umah je ada pavlova dalam peti.. actually da lama mengidam nak makan pavlova.. nak buat sendiri asyik x sempat je.. maklum la i olls busy memanjang..kehkeh.. pulak tu hari hari tgk gambar pavlova dalam FB mau x gugur iman.. sis yg buat..looks like she get an interest on baking lately..hehe.. sedap jugak, but the cream muak sket.. if makan dgn whip cream yg i always buy (jenama VIVO), mesti lagi sedap..sebab kembang, gebu & not too sweet.. hehe.. papepun tercapai hajat & keinginan.. Alhamdulillah again.. :)

6. When being at home, da la 10 hari x keluar rumah, makan banyak pulak tu, boleh dikatakan tiap masa perut ni berisi..hehe.. pastu timbang timbang je berat turun... yang ini sangat miracles ok!! hahaha.. happy sebab even makan byk berat maintain..xdela nak rasa stress sangat kannn..haha.. :P

7. Last but not least, miracle did happened when i'm writing my new proposal... from 18 page..totally change about 80% of the content.. & come out with 42 pages?? is that incredible??haha.. *clap for myself*.. i olls bagi dua with literature review.. & the other one without literature review (about 26 pages).. masa buat proposal ni byk jugak la dugaan.. tau tau jela bila duk umah mcm mana khenn.. byk benda nak dibuatnye.. godaan utama TV.. tapi paksa diri jugak buat walau x rela.. siap tutup TV..meniarap dari pagi smpai ptg ngadap laptop aje.. i olls mmg x tahan nak duduk lama-lama..sakit bontot..haha.. therefore, prefer buat keje meniarap.. ni pon taip blog sambil meniarap la ni..haha..well, it needs great determination & focus to finish the work.. selalu pesan pada diri.. "ala..mesti bolehnya..buat je.. nanti tgk la..tup tup da siap" hehe.. & finally it's done..even delay 2 hari dari janji ngan SV..hehe.. Alhamdulillah

Lepas ni harus la reward diri sendiri.. hehe..rasa da lama I don't have a piece of mind.. the best way to release the stress is eating good foods..especially desserts..nyum nyum..this weekend i'm going to bake cakes @ cupcakes..aritu tgh bz pon sempat lagi buat bread pudding with custard sos..sebab mengidam terlampau sampai xleh focus buat keje..boleh??haha..kalo bab makan, memang sy mcm ni..sad kan?? :P...then, nak shopping...da lama saya x shopping.. sedih tau.. baju da lama x update..kasut semua flat..da lama x make up & pakai dress bagai..hahaha.. or a vacation near beach or highlands will be better..teringin nak relax kat resort tepi beach.. or cameron highlands.. enjoy drinking a cup of tea with breeze air *dreaming*.. hopefully this week elaun MyPhD akan masuk..Aaminn..

Sometimes, we just think negatively or bad about something.. even it didn't happened yet..but now i'm really trying to be posititve.. positive with myself..positive with people around.. trying not to stress myself & keep calm..& since i'm changing to a positive & better person, everything around me is positive also.. i did notice that.. I feel so blessed with my life now Ya Allah SWT.. even it's not as perfect as what i had planned, i know you are a better planner.. & i do hope that i have more courage to face the obstacles in the future.. and my life will be easier.. InsyaAllah..Aaminn.. ;)

p/s: Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul.. sayang Rasulullah.. Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.. :)


Siti said...

bertuahnya :)

~Miss Honey~ said...

cik cik siti..hehe.. sometimes lucky.. i also have a bad day, but this is what we called as life kan? ups & down.. ;)

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