Saturday, February 23, 2013

~ Change.... Again (@_@)~

Hi & Assalamualaikum...

Since yesterday, 21/2/2013, a lot of things will change in my life.. it will affect my life later in the future.. but firstly, what happened yesterday?

Yesterday, i visited the sampling site, an area include landfill, leachate treatment plant & incinerator plant (could not mentioned here coz it was listed as secured scheduled waste landfill).. I went there along with my SV, Assoc.Prof . Dr. Hasfalina Che Man, my co-SV (my SV's husband), Prof. M. Rashid from MJIIT UTM-KL.. as well as his students, 2 girls (Kak Ruwaida & Syahirah) & a boy (Sani).. at 9AM, we went there by new car toyota Innova, official car of MJIIT.. have a breakfast at R&R Seremban, & proceed to the place.. 

Kak Ruwaida, a 29 years old (she looks like early 20's..even i can't believe she already married..bahahaha), already married to a Petronas Engineer & have a cute daughter..she is a tutor in MJIIT, & currently proceed her study at PhD level..& we have similarities.. doing PhD with the  background of master coursework.. she did her master just within a year.. Meanwhile, Syahira is  a year younger than me, & she's doing her master now.. just graduated last year.. Both Kak Ruwaida & Syahira research are related, their research about PM2.5 and PM10.. Kak Ruwaida & Syahira are in their 1st semester.. Sani is the only boy under supervision of Prof. Rashid..he's 25 years old & he's getting married in August...guess what?? he's a friend to my friend who studied in Japan during undergraduate.. so kecik dunia ni.. & his project is related to mine.. about ammonia.. the differences is, he will do within the lab scale while i'm doing my research at the  landfill site.. & the similarities between 4 of us is that, we're very talkative & love gossiping...bahahahaha.. it's fun when we don't really know each other, but we can laugh & chatting non-stop.. i can get along with 3 of them so well.. Alhamdulillah.. Allah SWT always send good & nice people, but more importantly, the one that i can get along with throughout my journey.. happy to know them..

okay, back to the topic, we actually went there to present our research project to the staff & management, so that they will understand about what we're actually going to do there.. basically, we just give brief ideas to them.. & we hope they will assist & gives opinion towards our research.. Sani is the first person to present.. me the second one.. Sani managed to present all the slides, & the staff did give a lot of comment.. but when they're discussing, Prof. Rashid asked me to present first & they will look & Sani's projects is kinda related to mine.. but when i talked about methodology part, everything stops there.. they said, they didn't have any pond.. just tank.. Prof. Rashid asked for their ideas, if they had encountered any problem & we might try to solve it.. they did have problem for ammonia.. they are currently studying the most effective way of reducing ammonia in liquid leachate as they received various sources of waste from industries.. they have a problem with chemical treatment as well as biological treatment.. most of the microbes they cultured can't survived under that extreme condition (too hazardous!) all the chemical were applied to the treatment manually (human workforce which might affect their health as they use lime).. so after a brief discussion, Prof Rashid that Sani & me got to change our project.. from assessment & monitoring of ammonia to leachate treatment & ammonia removal.. & maybe air stripping.. which i will spend my this 2 & 1/2 years in the lab.. Alhamdulillah!! no worry to go to the sampling site alone.. maklum la at Seremban.. don't have to think about safety matter..maybe after this we just went there to take the sample, & brought back to the after this, i need to play around and 'asah' my lab skill which i left a long long time ago..phewwww.. eventhough i've to do the proposal back, i think there's a lot of Hikmah actually in the future for me.. maybe i can finished my lab work early & graduated for my PhD early.. maybe i can get married soon in the next few months.. at least after a started my project & have a 'little' result.. i'm not worried at all eventhough i've to change my research project again.. well, this is the 3rd time i changed my, i'm getting used to it..just imagine i've done until chapter 1,2,& 3 pon.. da divide according macam thesis.. :P sekarang tgh sort previous journal & delete mana yg tak berkaitan dah.. need to work hard these 2 weeks.. need to see my SV and ask her opinion.. Friends, please pray for me ya..may everything will be easier for me after this..hopefully this will be the last time i changed my proposal.. insyaAllah.. ;)

so, after the presentation, we went to JJ Seremban, having lunch at Kenny Roger's.. Prof. Rashid belanja.. sgt happy.. dapat makan sedap.. dapat meet new friends yg awesome.. & dapat tau a lot of info about my SV which i didn't expect at all..wahahaha.. gosip je memanjang.. :P  then, we pray & balik UPM.. 

on the way walking to the lab, i call mr. fiancee.. to talk about everything i've been going through & all the gossips i knew..muehehe..well, dia lah pendengar paling setia.. bila saya marah ke..emo ke..sedih ke..happy ke.. pasal my life ke.. i always kept 'mumbling' to him even though dia layan or tak..kehkeh

me: hello,awak buat apa?

him: hmmm.. baring baring.. nak tido..

me: tido je keje.. keje awak ni makan & tido je ek?? ptg pulak asyik main futsal..paper dah siap ke?  project mcm mana? (terus je kena fire..hahaha)

him: da laptop saya ada dengan awak.. macam mana saya nak wat keje??

me: oh..lupe..muehehe (i borrowed his laptop for the presentation)..awak


me: pasni saya dah tak perlu pegi site da..


me: tadi lepas discuss, saya tak leh wat project tu.. saya kena tukar projek.. daripada assessment & monitoring to treatment.. nanti kita jumpa la saya cite detail.. so, lepas ni saya banyak duk kat lab jela..yeay!! macam boleh kawen awal je..hihi

him: yeay!! boley baby awal la??

me: ........... (@_@) terus diam tak terkata..hahahaha

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