Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hi & Assalamualaikum...

I'm quite busy this week.. filling up the form for UPM Research Grant (RUGS) for my study.. hopefully will get approval for 15K..this money will be used for buying the equipments for the research project, attending the conference, claim the mileage later since i've to move around a lot as my project will be based at Seremban & etc.. Alhamdulillah, everything was done.. hopefully, my SV will approved & then i didn't need to alter anything..just proceed to the next stage.. may Allah SWT ease my way.. Amin..

Tomorrow, we will have a 'spring-cleaning' at our lab.. as after Chinese New Year we are going to see some demonstration from the supplier on how to use the fumes which is just installed in our lab.. our lab nowadays is totally a mess as some renovations had been done few months before.. dust is everywhere.. Ros (my labmate) and me are the only girls that will involve.. there will be 5 other technicians & a male labmate..hope everything will be smooth & done tomorrow as our SV had warned us, everything must be ready before 18th Feb 2013 (new semester started).. 'Baiklah!'

Now, i'm  just browsing the old pictures of mine, and hey, i found few pictures which are quite interesting... heeee

this is us.. in 2008.. during his sister's wedding.. :)

this is us in at A&W with my brother & sister..

this is us in 2010..during my final year undergraduate at UMT.. we're in Pantai Teluk Ketapang.. ;)

us during his undergraduate convocation in 2011.. (^_^)

us in 2012.. during my master convocation.. ;)

this is us during our engagement day... 15/12/12.. :D

how time flies... & how we changed overtime.. this is called evolution...muehehe
saya makin gemuk..okbai.. :P

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