Sunday, August 25, 2013

~How to be happy? ~

Hi & Assalamualaikum...

One of the best things in life pursuits includes attaining HAPPINESS.  True, there’s too many articles, books, motivational programs, coaching (the list is endless) available within our reach that claims to be able to help you be HAPPY (or happier), but which one truly helps you reach it?

The truth is none of this will work, until you are completely ready to face the TRUTH. Your truth.

Many people go around looking for Happiness, at various places, jumping from one relationship to another, some even totally leaving behind what they have built, and sometimes that include the people who depended on them and love them. Some people become nastier, others cut ties with the rest of the world, some tried going through and studying different doctrines and religions, in the hope of finding this Happiness that is supposed to fill them in a way beyond description. And still, many claim that they’ll only be happy once they reach a certain lifestyle, acquire the right vehicle, attract the right life partner, having the right weight or being acknowledged for some work done to be truly HAPPY.

It’s truly really nothing so secretive about attaining Happiness. And here’s a few simple steps to achieve HAPPINESS at this very moment.
1. Be in the now.
Be here. Today. Right now. This very moment you are reading this article. Easier said than done. But, really, you can actually BE HAPPY NOW.
a. Take stock of what you have, both the tangibles and intangibles.
b. Give yourself credit for the things you have accomplished, for the hardships you’ve gone through, and for still standing up on your feet, today.
c. Believe that you have made a difference, you have done all you could, with what you knew then, and with what you had. Give yourself some credit!

2. Accept and believe that everything is happening for YOUR benefit.
Yes, everything DOES happen for a reason. You may label it ‘destiny’, ‘coincidence’ or other more befitting labels, but it really DOES happen for you.
And you may, at a point, want to question why you are not getting what you want… why things are working against you. The reality is, again, for YOUR BENEFIT, as the unknown is only for HIM to know. Should you find yourself in this situation, just go with the flow. Believe that HE will bring you out of it, and lead you to the sweetest outcomes. You will only come to understand the reason, when you are ready for the answer. When you are ready for the Truth.

3. Let go.
Let go of ideas, principles, memories, or concepts that you are holding on to, that no longer prove to benefit you. Those that limit you, those that are choking you. Otherwise, you are only putting yourself through agony, depression, misery, and anger. These will only strengthen the walls you have put up.
Let go of the idea of being in control. In the end, YOU are never the one in charge… so take it easy!
The only motivation you need now is to be strong… for YOU! Challenging situations are meant to let you discover what you are actually made of… Yes, you will be striped to your core, and it’s exactly the right time to ‘reprogram’ the beliefs, principles and ideas that serve no purpose, in order to mold you to be a better, more beautiful, stronger you.
Be strong enough to move forward for yourself. Be strong enough to stand up again. Be strong enough for your own sake. Be strong enough for those who look up to you! If these reasons do not seem to apply to you right now, just find some other excuses to be strong, if not stronger! Your real enemy right now is the old you, fighting to stay, keeping you with the old ways.
So, come to terms with yourself. With how your life has taken the turns and detours and the reroutes. Be proud of yourself.
Every breathing moment is a chance to improve. When you are ready, start again. Now this round, be ready for the twists and turns.
Grab every opportunity that comes your way.  You never know where that experience will take you.
Enjoy every waking moment. Why not?
BE HAPPY NOW… permit yourself this, today.

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