Saturday, August 17, 2013

~ Self Reminder (Ladies)~

Hi & Assalamualaikum...

Just got back from Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam...weeeee.. still no mood untuk mengemas barang dan update blog about my travel... semoga esok rajin hendaknya..hehe.. anyway, i found this one quote.. & i love it..  :)

Ladies, do not love and hope too much.. coz that too much will hurt you so much.. people come & go in our life.. nothing lasts forever.. feelings can change.. people can changed.. memory will fade.. and even our life in this world is temporary.. the only things that will stay forever is Allah SWT..  i've learn my lesson..thanks to those people who taught me so much lessons.. :)

Jodoh itu rahsia Allah SWT.. we didn't even know until the time has come.. if you couple with someone, doesn't mean you will married the same person.. if you get engaged with someone, doesn't mean he's the one you'll spend your entire life with him..same goes to married couple.. anything can happen, with God wills.. Allah SWT have many way to test you.. it depends on how you handle the problems that matter the most.. 

This is the best way to live a happy life.. be positive always.. forgive & forget the people that hurt you.. let go of things you don't want & hate.. ignore the unimportant things.. focus on your future & goals.. have faith on Allah SWT.. He will take care of everything.. :)

Never let other people affect your life.. Remember that you have  your own journey to run and it still too long..  the good & bad things you face in your life, do learn the lessons.. never make the same mistakes or you'll be such a fool.. 

Always tell yourself that you are valuable enough to let other people hurt you.. Turn that hurt into a positive hatred.. you may be hurt by them, but let that hurt empowers you to be much much better than them.. show them how happy you live your life without them.. how successful you are without those person that hurt you.. one day, they'll regret for not being part of your life.. ;)

Life is a long journey that full with tests..Remember, how you handle everything in your life that matter the most.. :)

Don't lose your dignity and self-respect trying to make people love and appreciate you, when they just aren't capable.. Yes.. without notice, there's always someone out there who think you are valuable and precious.. How much you meant to them.. & how eager they want to be in your life.. there's always someone out there who wish they have you..who always pray for you.. and think about you..please remind yourself that you are worth and amazing enough for those who know how to appreciate you.. ;)

Yes.. Allah SWT only want the best for us.. sometimes, He give us a little bit sorrow, and then grant us with the most unexpected things, which is much much better than what we had lost before..Pain doesn't show up in our lives for no reason.. it's a sign that something in our lives need to change.. :)

Remember ladies.. Allah SWT had create a spouse for all of us.. so don't worry if your prince charming still not coming yet.. just let time decide everything.. The best thing always happen at the best moment.. pray to Allah SWT and asked from Him to give us good spouse.. remember, please make sure to perfect ourself too.. because a good man is for a good woman.. and a bad man is for a bad woman.. janji Allah SWT itu pasti.. and even you have the darkest past in your life, and then you changed to a better person, remember that Allah SWT still will give the best for you.. Because He won't look at your past.. He will judge you based on what you have done and strive to be a better person today.. :)

Remember Allah SWT, and Allah SWT will remember you.. Everything is possible if Allah wills..sometimes bad things happened because Allah SWT want you to be better and on the right track for His Jannah.. Because no matter how we start our race in this Dunia, the most important is how we end our journey..  Akhirat is the place that we will stay forever.. so as long as you still breathing, never lose hope, repent from all sins and live your life just to get His bless..  :D

p/s: Hidup ini indah jika kita memahami setiap apa yang berlaku pasti ada Hikmah yang tersembunyi.. Allah SWT knows what best for you.. He will give you the best at the best time.. Just wait, be patient, tawakal & pray for the best.. :)

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