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~Travelog: Vietnam (Part 3)~

Hi & Assalamualaikum...

Try to finish writing about my visit to Vietnam.. phewwww.. Let's continue to our journey on 15th August 2013.. Today, we're going to Mekong Delta, which was about 2 hours from Ho Chi Minh city.. Actually my aunt want to visit the floating market in Mekong river..because she was so fascinated with it when watching the discovery channel about Vietnam..  However, we were told at the end of the trip that we're not going to the floating market as it actually open only early morning from 2 am till 7 am.. it's ok.. next time we'll go for sure.. A day before the trip to Mekong Delta, we had made reservation with a person named Kareem, who owned a restaurant in front of our hotel.. He's the one who arranged our visit there for 23 USD per person including the foods.. We gather in front of the hotel at 7.30 am.. At 8.00 am, a mini bus arrived to take us for a tour at Mekong Delta..

It's morning & ready to go.. :)

Snap the picture first.. hehe


and again.. hehe

 The scenery of early morning in front of our hotel.. Do you see the yellow building in the middle at the end of the road? that's Ben Thanh market.. forgot to upload it in previous entry.. it just 5-10 minutes by walking to the Ben Thanh market from the hotel.. ;)

 Close up picture of Ben Thanh market.. :)

The mini bus was ready for us... :)

 This is our tourist guide.. Phom.. we pronounce it as 'foam'..hehe

The scenery along the journey to Mekong Delta.. 

Morning market.. 

Quite dirty... It wasn't safe to eat at stalls nearby the busy road.. 

Still in the capital city of Vietnam.. 

It looks like Chow kit market in Malaysia.. 

Green scenery.. 

Paddy field.. Looks like village in Malaysia.. 

You see the cemetery there? we were informed that since the land was limited in Ho Chi Minh, there was no public cemetery.. most of the deceases were buried at their own land.. It's their believe that the decease will bless the next generation..and if you can see the above picture, there were two similar cemetery.. It means they are couple (husband and wife were buried next to each other).. If the cemetery is single and with only 1 design, it means that when the decease died, they are still single.. 

 Along the road to Mekong Delta, we also can see there were many restaurant/ hut (refer the picture above).. We were told by Phom that this hut were built for the motorbikers who were travelling or on their way to somewhere where they can rest and have a break or drinking a cup of tea/coffee.. you may see the swings hanging and table/chairs inside the hut..

During the trip to Delta Mekong, Phom told us everything about Vietnam.. about the people..culture.. the roads.. We asked him everything that we want to know.. We asked why most of the building in Vietnam were tall.. why people here prefer motorbike as the main transport.. how much fuel cost per liter and others.. Phom told us that most building in Vietnam was built on small land but tall because the land was very expensive..  people who have their own house/apartment in Ho Chi Minh city were considered rich.. most of the migrate people from Hanoi or other cities of Vietnam couldn't afford to buy a house there.. Besides, most of the family live in the same building, some may have three generation in the same building.. they have a land, and then they divide among the family member.. that's their culture.. Besides, car is not so popular compared to motorbike.. The reasons why people in Vietnam prefer motorbike is because millions of motorbike on road each day and if you drive a car, you will caught in a traffic jammed for a long time.. a 20 minutes trip will be one hour was much easier if drive a motorbike.. as i mentioned before, how people in Vietnam drive was so dangerous..  in fact, the cost of fuel here was also expensive.. 1 liter of petrol cost about RM5.. Phom was so shocked when we told him that the cost of petrol fuel in Malaysia was just RM2++.. in addition, he said most of the Vietnamese people couldn't talk in English because most of them were uneducated because of poor.. Only rich people afford to go to the school.. most of Vietnamese children started to learn English only when they were 10 years old..  and it was only 1 hour per week.. Only those rich children who afforded to go to the international school were exposed to English language at an early age.. People in Vietnam also struggling to earn a living.. you could see this everywhere.. maybe due to the high living cost.. Moreover, as what i observed along the journey, the environment in Vietnam was very poor.. The rubbish and garbage spreading everywhere.. You can compare directly that Malaysia was much more modern, clean, peaceful and better than Vietnam.. even the traffic jammed in Vietnam was much more worse than Malaysia..  I feel so grateful and blessed to be born in Malaysia.. I did..  So, you too have to be grateful Malaysian.. please.. stop complaining.. Explore another Asean countries and see everything with your own eyes.. Don't just condemn the government that we have today.. There are other countries that are more worse than Malaysia.. 

Let's take a look the videos being captured.. weeeee.. :)

p/s: actually there were 2 more videos.. but it can't be uploaded... sorry guys.. :(

ok..back to the story.. Before we reached the port in Mekong Delta for boarding a boat, we stop for a while at a place (i forgot the name but it's more like R & R in Malaysia)..we were given 15 minutes to go to the toilet and buy drinks or taking pictures in this beautiful place.. 

 Along & Mak Su.. :)

 Me! hehe.. :)

I love this place.. 


 Us... (^_^)

 Us again... hehe

Fall in love with the concept of this place.. such a calm place.. My aunt bought a cold coconut.. it was so refreshing.. having a drink in such a beautiful place.. it's heaven on earth! :)

 Let's take a snap.. weehoooo.. with toilet as the background..haha

 Retarded siblings..hahaha! :P

Then, we continue our journey....

 Scenery along the road approaching the port.. 

Here we are.. We're going to explore Mekong Delta... ;)

walking to the boat... 

 The lady in blue blouse was our tourist guide at this Mekong Delta..  :)

Enjoy the videos.. along Mekong River... :)

Our first destination was a bee farm.. This bee farm was unique because the bee here were just only ate Longan or 'Buah Mata Kucing' in Malay.. Here, we were given a chance to taste a honey lemon tea with seed for free and snacks made of honey.. ;) 

walking to the Bee Farm restaurant.. :)

Khairul & Mak Su holding the Bee nest.. i was afraid to be stung.. That's why i didn't hold it.. hehe

Here we are... 

The honey lemon tea (lime actually) with seed.. delicious if we put more lime into it..hehe.. i'm not really into honey because of its weird taste.. :P

Beautiful girls served us..i'm jelly with their skin..  :P

The honey lemon tea.. :)

we also had the chance to taste royal jelly.. it was quite expensive.. but it was good for our health especially for fever and ulser.. 6 small jar cost about 50 USD.. i couldn't remember the price of the honey.. if i'm not mistaken 6 bottle honey cost RM 25 each.. we could buy both honey and royal jelly here.. 

At this bee farm there were also few animals.. including the phython.. yewwwww..

my aunt was so funny.. we laughed at her.. she wanted to hold the python but at the same time scared to the max..hahaha

My Ayah Teh.. Mummy also scared..haha :P

I really couldn't touch the snake.. it was so soft and slimy.. euuuwwwwwww.. see the scared face there???hahaha

Till then, bye2 people.. continue with Part 4 later.. :)

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