Sunday, July 31, 2011

~Ahlan Wasahlan Ramadhan al-Mubarak.. ~

hi & assalamualaikum..

Tomorrow, 1/8/2011... will be the first day of fasting for all muslims in Malaysia.. & tomorrow also will be the birthday of Mr.Ben my love.. so barakah his birthday.. :)

Dear Allah S.W.T..thank you for giving me da chances to go through Ramadhan again this year.. hope this Ramadhan bring a lot of barakah & happiness in my life as well as other 's muslim lifes.. Dear my friends, i'm not a perfect person.. please apologize me for my mistakes & wrong doing to you.. which may occur with or without my intention.. May god bless you all.. (^_*)~

Dear Mr.Ben.. Happy 23 rd Birthday for tomorrow.. wanna be the first to wish it to you.. hope u will achieve all your dream.. be happy always.. i will always support u in whatever u do.. thank u so much for giving me happiness & loves.. i love you.. tq 4 everything...4 accepting me da way i am.. i wish we can celebrate your birthday together this coming Raya.. wif both of our family.. :)

this is my birthday boy.. esok da umur 23 perangai mcm budak kecik lagi...hehe

girl ngan birthday boy.. kite celebrate later ekk?? :)

have a nice day peeps... (^_^)


Etong said...

salam ramadhan :)

~Miss Honey~ said...

salam ranadhan to u too.. :)

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