Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~ life~

hi & assalamualaikum...

not going to update much..sekarang aku demam..fever+ flu tetibe je dapat kat tempat keje diz morning.. so, please pray that i'll be better k?? since i lost my lappy, i really mcm quite difficult la nk update blog, doing fyp & so on.. ni pon atas ehsan pinjaman laptop dr cik Zati.. :')..tQ my fren..huhu.. so byk plan aku t'bengkalai laa.. hope everything will be better & smooth soon.. i know Allah will help me... :)

& i've a good news.. my abah called dis morning saying that i've to seat the exam for the post of PTD.. actually dulu aku main apply je..pastu biar je SPA x update.. x sngka plak tetibe dpt kan?? but i dont want to hope so much..just going to seat da exam on diz 16th july.. 'kalo da t'tulis rezeki sy disitu, sy redha..kalo bkn rezeki sy pon sy redha..' wish me luck.. (^_*)

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