Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~If Only You Know~

Hi & Assalamualaikum..

If only you know..

How actually i felt for you..

How i love being around you..

How happy i am when I'm with you..

If only you know...

How much i'm missing you..

Even I've everyone around me..

I just wish that you were around me too..

If only you know...

I never been through a single day without thinking of you...

I never forget you even i really want to..

Coz i know, even you're gone in my life now, You will stay in my memory forever..

If only you know..

Losing you is my worst nightmare..

Coz I wish you will stay in my life forever..

Even you just being a friend..

If only you know..

Whenever i look at the old pictures of us..

Whenever i remind the memory we've gone through...

Whenever i heard the songs we love to hear..

Whenever something that remind me of you occur..

There's only 2 things happened..

Neither I cry nor smile..

But deep inside my heart, i always pray..

No matter where you are.. what you did..

I hope you'll be succeed.. & live happily.. even I'm not there anymore..

If only you know...

Till now i still care about you..

Even you don't care about me at all..

And I really hope we'll fix what had happened..

So that you can appear in my life again..

Especially on my big day..

This is my hope..


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